Review #47729

Amazing quality Good customer service absolutely satisfied.


Review #42238

simple & sweet fruits of the universe & its co-creators


Review #52653

Purchased Manlong to add a little “pep in my step.” It started kicking in with the first 3 days. After that, i was primed and ready for action at a… Read more “Review #52653”

Benjamin Nero

Review #44754

My wife loves it! She noticed the vibrational balance right away. I didn’t tell her about the magnetic part just to see if there was a difference… Perfect fit for… Read more “Review #44754”


Review #53769

Great results so far. I will surely give an update as I get deeper into using this brand


Review #52441

Worth reading


Review #53562

This product is excellent. It helps me to have energy and for some reason my weight seems to go down when I’m taking it. I recommend it for everyone.


Review #45937

As soon as I took a sip of this tea I felt it working within my body. It provides my body with heat and energy but at the same time… Read more “Review #45937”


Review #45146

Why are so many women and wasting their money on butt implants when something like this exist??? What a shame! I’ve been on this tea for less than two months… Read more “Review #45146”


Review #51699

Great Product


Review #52740

He’s amazing, definitely he has a great voice.


Review #51688

I love that this product that is pack with all the vitamins and nutrients I need for my body comes in liquid form. Im not big on taking many tables… Read more “Review #51688”


Review #53566

I love it. Woke up feeling light with a clear mind


Review #42237

Immediate improvement in circulation and vibration, especially when fully synced metaphysically to another or when under immense pressure….

Maurice T.

Review #53138

The piece broke in half on top of my other crystals while skipping, within the first week of owning it. Seems like it became an even more grounding piece as… Read more “Review #53138”


Review #55162

As a woman over 50, I need every single one of these vitamins. I’m happy that everything that I need comes in one capsule.

. DrKia Pruitt

Review #51510

I love this product so far, especially with the world changing as it is today. I take this as instructed everyday, I even have my boyfriend taking it. It is… Read more “Review #51510”

Zekiya Dudley

Review #51120

The colloidal silver is great immunity boosting and provides as a buffer for viruses and bacteria it attacks them on a cellular level when placed in nosturals just a few… Read more “Review #51120”


Review #48610

Love all the products I’ve odered

James B Pratt Jr

Review #33481

This product as well as shelijit increase endurance. However, this asset alone can retrieve memory, clean the brain of chemical and residue which results in more lucid dreams. It purifies… Read more “Review #33481”

nate henry

Review #55199

This creative and insightful exploration of the inner world encourages reflection on self and life events. I appreciated the use of scent to make connections and move the plot of… Read more “Review #55199”


Review #52479

Power With N

Anthony Green

Review #43325

Haven’t had visions since I was a child and I definitely recommend this as a tea for anyone suffering from a lack of foresight that comes from their intuitive visions!!!!


Review #44735

I love this spray…. It gives me so much mental clarity and helps me to focus and concentrate and remain calm and energized at the same time..I actually bought 2… Read more “Review #44735”


Review #52584

It works!!!


WooCommerce Review #46103

Taste great and it worked in like two days I feel. I drink two cups a day and yikes! I am busting one and keep going two and
keep… Read more “WooCommerce Review #46103”


Review #53161

Milk Thistle Seed was recommended strongly by the great Dr. Llaila Afrika. I’m glad I found a high-quality organic version. This is definitely worth taking to solve sugar cravings, digestion,… Read more “Review #53161”

Vonetta Davis

Review #45128

Wow amazing product, I’ve taken many products that deals with the man down under so trust me when I say this is absolutely the best product for you “MANLONG “… Read more “Review #45128”

Lover lover

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

I have been on such the journey—that especially around the time of Dr. Blairs transition. I cant call it untimely as we all have our mission on Gaia and we… Read more “Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center”

Pat Man

Review #52741

Helps protect you, honest opinion! I was really surprised. Thank you so much


Review #49104

More bowel movements and more energy ! On my 2nd week consistently !


Review #52991

N-fused Candida is an amazing product. It truly works on the first day of using.

Sharlene Dickinson

Review #46502

Tastes a lot better than what I had expected. Satisfied once again


Review #52324

This here. This heeeeeere has improved my speech, I think quicker, and sound clearer, it’s helped with my indecisiveness like crazy.

Seanisha Hopkins

Review #56531

This is by far the best quality sage I have used so far. It smells authentic and the smoke emitted is pure. It definitely does what it is supposed to… Read more “Review #56531”


Review #26816

Really enjoyed this class!! Glad I signed up. It was very informative! The Mind Configurator is an excellent learning tool! A must have in learning to use and understand your… Read more “Review #26816”

Stacy Waller

Review #45185

My dreams are back and more vivid than ever!


Review #47030

My stomach went down after I finished taking The Cleanser for Women.

Natasha Nichols

Review #53565

This is an excellent way to get nutrients for me. It is suggested to use between meals and it works like heaven

Milton Higgs

Review #26812

The class was excellent! Tony did a great job of simplifying the connection to the subconscious mind and how to access it. The class allowed an individual to have full… Read more “Review #26812”

Chrisrichard JeanBaptiste

Review #43322

Definitely recommend this product for a Morning or afternoon pick up. The ingredients speak for themselves and I stand by this product daily


Review #42546

When you want a download directly from source, Take “Prestige” .


Review #49092


Sharon Lathers

Review #49567

Highly recommended!!!

Kay mack

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

I recommend The Metacenter if you want to grow as a human being

Dana OO

Review #50657

Since drinking this tea, I have noticed that my dreams have been more vivid, colorful and better sound sleep. I definitely recommend this tea if you have trouble falling asleep… Read more “Review #50657”


Review #49570

Etherium Gold is an outstanding product for me, It helped to reduce my anxiety as well as giving me mental clarity. For me after taking the recommended dosage for a… Read more “Review #49570”

Christopher Lloyd

Review #49296

This tea is wonderful. I shared my first jar with my daughter in- law. She is a CNA and was not feeling well. After the first cup, she noticed a… Read more “Review #49296”


Review #46223

A pharmacist mentioned that he uses this product daily and in turn so have I. I even have my husband taking some as he had to work during the crisis.


Review #52032

A week after taking the monatomic gold I started experiencing very vivid dreams. Just taking shorts naps I would fall into a vivid dream and the best part is that… Read more “Review #52032”


Review #52742

Yes it is really astonishing and beautiful, you will also be stun when you put it around your neck and yes it polish


Review #51539

I am so grateful that this exists at such an affordable price! I love my emf protector and I love to educate people on it, I’ve recommended this product to… Read more “Review #51539”


Review #46359



Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

The possibilities for all humans to be all that’s possible for whatever one wishes that’s good and righteous.

Toburi Moshi

Review #38273

This fabric is amazing! I put it under my bed as recommended and I have had the best sleep. I could instantly feel a difference in energy! Incredible!


Review #53567

Great marvelous work

Judah Beskept

Review #47059

This tea has restored my energy.


Review #47415

This is awesome getting another one today


Review #50705

The Tongkat Ali from this site seems to work very well with my body I have been purchasing it for about 2 years and I have definitely achieved some health… Read more “Review #50705”

Dantonio Muse

Review #26809

The mind configurator class was a tremendous help because it enables you to break down your emotional state, and you are able to see what god or demon governs that… Read more “Review #26809”

Diana Smith

Review #44805

I was not sure of the benefits but on my day off from work, I was having back pain. I decided to try it on after limping around for a… Read more “Review #44805”

Michelle Dornor

Review #40251

These are amazing! Cleanses the energy almost immediately.


Review #52031

a week after taking the gold capsules my dreams have become much more vivid and much more frequent. Just taking naps id fall into a vivid dream and able to… Read more “Review #52031”


Review #50706

I have notice an huge increase in my mood, focus ,and memory. But when I take this before bed I’m in a different dimension,I’ve never been so thrilled to go… Read more “Review #50706”

Dantonio Muse

Review #50591

I’ve tried many different products over the years and this one is the best–it is gentle and truly effective. Follow the directions but pay attention to your body and make… Read more “Review #50591”


Review #38276

I love these! I use them to bring in positive energies after I sage a space. The scent is amazing! Very fresh! I also burn them sometimes at night before… Read more “Review #38276”


Review #53857

Takes no time to connect and it’s fun to watch the water bubble and change so many colors. It’s disgusting to think we are inundated with so much chemical in… Read more “Review #53857”


Review #56530

Packed with vital nutrients. A little goes a long way. I feel energized and optimized when taking this product.


Review #56484

I enjoyed drinking this tea it really help me so much I ordered my brother some too!

Maranda Broughton

Review #45932

Easy to use , and highly effective in my case !


Review #42240

So convenient…. a bit of protection right in my pocket


Review #45187

Well, my wife is now pregnant. Totally unexpected and has us like WTF. My wife purchased it for me about 2 weeks ago. I started drinking at first a tablespoon… Read more “Review #45187”


Review #46102

This stuff works, I bust 12-14 hour shifts at my job site and shilajit keeps me on point. I can be tired and know I got to go in to… Read more “Review #46102”


Review #38275

I loved this product instantly! Tony recommended it to me and I have been taking it every since. There are numerous benefits I feel. I take it each night, and… Read more “Review #38275”


Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

Monoatomic Elements sold here! Not to mention the many other products to assist in our healing on a Metaphysical level. 😉

Bonnie Maureen Auger

Review #47138

This is an amazing tea that does exactly what it says it will!
Dreams coming through in the most vivid and lucid manner I can ever recall. I too… Read more “Review #47138”


Review #52015

A time that will never be forgotten. A space that will live in my heart forever. A group that will be my family forever. Sacremento, Mt. Shasta, Mcleoud Waterfalls, Pluto’s… Read more “Review #52015”


Review #51704

Great Product will definitely purchase again


Review #51685

I will definitely order this product again and again. The benefits are great.


Review #49126

Must have this product its amazing I was sick with some say Coronavirus but I never got tested so I’m not sure if I had it or not but they… Read more “Review #49126”


Review #46661

Just got it and can’t wait to give it a try .


Review #47646

This product opened my eyes to what I’ve been drinking ! I also feel much more in power to make better choices ..!

Claressa Prior

Review #53417

I absolutely love this new tea. For me, it tastes best out of all the teas on the site which makes me drink a lot more of it which in… Read more “Review #53417”


Review #56532

This bracelet definitely does what is says, unlike another brand that I had to return. As soon as I wear these bracelets, I noticed an enhanced feeling throughout my body.… Read more “Review #56532”


Review #44687

So I’ve been aware of the positive effects of Bladderwrack and how it improves the health of the endocrine system, but I did not have this pure powder formula before,… Read more “Review #44687”


Review #53563

Great things are available satisfied every time

Ryan k morris

Review #54044

Great lotion!

Kyle Thompson

Review #56536

Amazing quality products that arrived with well thought out packaging.


Review #44631

I Have This Piece On A Chain I Made With Cowrie Shells. It Rocks. Creator Bless

Ebony Boyd

WooCommerce Review #51702

It Works Great


Review #51101

Amazing…only 2 days and already seeing results


Review #46222

Keeps me regular and light. Tasteless.


Review #52676

Excellent product that provides support and rejuvenation for my feet and entire body. The first time i wore these inserts, I could feel the energy travel thru my feet up… Read more “Review #52676”

Wakeelah Muhammad

Review #51701

Great Product will definitely purchase again


Review #46860

Tastes great


Review #56463

If I don’t have it then I noticed that my energy isn’t the same. It’s apart of my lifestyle now and forever!

Ashlye Bowen

Review #56479

I love it , works extremely well .. purchasing the powder now !!!


Review #49555

Love the newest version!i have noticed the difference it makes from beverages and other products.


Review #46526

I used to have vivid dreams and impeccable foresight prior to my c-section in 2018. I would dream of the weather and even events that would occur. I was also… Read more “Review #46526”

Jennifer Wilder

Review #55198

This product makes my skin feel like silk. I love the way my skin looks and feel after using it.

Lynette James

Review #46294

This tea is seriously no joke. The herbs are very strong, I only used the minimum recommended teaspoon to steep my tea and within a few hours I was sweating… Read more “Review #46294”


Review #54206

Gave me energy great product will order again


Review #56533

I placed these in my running shoes and now I feel as light as a feather. I am not fighting gravity anymore. I will definitely come back for more.


Review #45186

I have 20/21 in the right eye and -5.0 (20/500) in the my left. As a test I made a tablespoon worth and drank it about 2 hours before my… Read more “Review #45186”


Review #52426

I live in the high desserts of Colorado and it’s been hard to find a lotion that works for us. This lotion is perfect and it truly works all day.

Evan rowls

Review #49115

This tea works! My symptoms went away and I felt better almost immediately after drinking this tea.


Review #54841

Unfortunately, dreamscape did not work for me the way I thought it would work. Fortunately however, for me it does help me get a restful sleep.


Review #55163

I love it. Let me tell you something about copper. Whenever I feel an ache or a drop in my mood, I wear copper and immediately, my vibrations rise and… Read more “Review #55163”

Dr. Kia Pruitt

Review #52476

Conquerer of Elevated Self
Destroyer of Weakness ~MidWestANT~ (Ps) A MUST TRY WITH COFFEE

Anthony Green

Review #45695

I love it !!


Review #42242

I could literally feel the cells in my body responding to the nourishment in this supplement. It became much easier to feel confident in my skin.


Review #57290

Miracle 2000Excellent vitamin Ready to eat more healthy try the Cleaner


Review #52736

I just started taking the Bee Propolis Powder and it is powerful. The taste and smell are packed like a punch. I don’t need a little once a day. This… Read more “Review #52736”

Vonetta Davis

Review #55197

This book is concise yet filled with essential information and related practical skills leading to emotional/spiritual release and increased self awareness when incorporated into daily life. Highly recommend, especially for… Read more “Review #55197”


Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

I don’t think. I know this is real. The family needs make it what he wanted to be successful. Beatiful

Michael Mcdowell

Review #48787

I received my turquoise and it is beautiful. It’s great having a beautiful piece that not only looks good on but it protects against harmful radiation.


Review #51541

This product is very true to its name. I unfortunately was only able to experience one day of taking these pills and they worked great even for that one day,… Read more “Review #51541”


Review #47523

Great product, I’m in the process of ordering more.


Review #51455

This product is an awesome addition to the daily supplements I take as well . My brain fog reduces and ususally goes away within 10 to 20 minutes upon taking… Read more “Review #51455”

Curtis E Kennedy JR

Review #26815

The class revealed to me that the mind configurator is none other than your personal tree of life, designed to map out your positives and negatives, pros and cons, successes… Read more “Review #26815”


Review #43782

The product worked as advertised. I would definitely recommend this if you have not had a cleanse in a while.


Review #51102

Since starting these D3 vitamins I have an overall feeling of wellbeing and overall healthier feeling I will order again


Review #33649

this shelijit resin is incredible for the brain and body. it increases mentality capacity which means longer states of concentration, enhances stamina and fertility, and it has a fast turnover… Read more “Review #33649”


Review #42243

Much sharper focus & smooth relief, a support to steady the forces influencing your perception….

Maurice Todd

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

To the majority this information sounds crazy. I’ve been in search to find my try self. Listening to him allowed me to open my mind

Michelle Wilson

Review #50539

A while back on YouTube I was watching Doctor Blair videos and he was warning us about the radiation that comes from cell phones in here we are in 2020… Read more “Review #50539”


Review #53360

Try for yourself amazing


Review #52478

Keeps My Thoughts at an all-time Flowstate Very Pleasent.

Anthony Green

Review #56090

It works great and I will continue to buy as long as I’m alive

Ronnie E. Thompson

Review #55559

just saying…clean up your body, take some monatomic Gold, focus between the brows and see what happens!! Wonder product!!

Most Ancient

Review #51694

Recently started taking this product for about a week now and have been feeling more alert and mentally sharp at work definitely would reccomend it
Excellent product


Review #39955

I’m always in a deep and comfortable sleep 😪 when I use this EMF pillow. I love it!💯

Courtney Collins

Review #45290

Peace to the readers! So I started my tea journey March 1, 2020 and I can honestly say it is improving my curves.
The first week has been pretty… Read more “Review #45290”


Review #52308

The best and I love it !!!

Seven seasons

Review #48037

I purchase this product frequently, it should be staple in everyone’s monatomics home supply

Charles Williams

Review #44489

At this time I have only been able to do 1-2 cups every other day. I can definitely feel the change in those areas. I just need more time to… Read more “Review #44489”

Ms. B

Review #52670

Lost waste pounds . This product does what it says it will do..


Review #44688

Love this spray and yes, it does exactly what it says! Creates mental clarity, focus and concentration while supporting consistency and creativity, all of which are very necessary in today’s… Read more “Review #44688”


Review #41809

I noticed the difference within a few days of taking brain support. It really was quite amazing. I had brain fog before, just not feeling sharp or energetic. I have… Read more “Review #41809”


WooCommerce Review #46740

First, let’s get this out the way. I’m a woman. I purchased it mainly to up my arousal but wasn’t sure what to really expect. Second, I was never the… Read more “WooCommerce Review #46740”


Review #51805

Thank you I love my crystal

Carol Bey

Review #49108

Second week consistently and seeing improvements in my overall energy levels and bowel movements. Looking forward to more results as I continue to take


Review #47031

Not only did my stomach go down, I am also having regular bowel movements and its been over a month since I finished the cleanse.

Natasha Nichols

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

None Better, he shall be missed,but may his truth continue

Azeem Ben Ysreal

Review #32636

I already feel the energy from this crystal. Thank you so much for this product.


Review #41808

I noticed the difference within a few days of taking brain support. It really was quite amazing. I had brain fog before, just not feeling sharp or energetic. I have… Read more “Review #41808”


Review #53381

I bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it!


Review #53006

Has an amazing relaxing calming affect after I drank my tea. Love the drink after long stressful days

Nani Omot

Review #51806

greetings Tony , much gratitude I hard the class when Dr.Blair was still with us, I love the c d thank you for all you do peace and love and… Read more “Review #51806”

Carol Bey

Review #51540

I love my black tourmaline crystal pendant, I wear it almost everyday as it looks good with almost any outfit while also helping me to stay grounded and protected. I’m… Read more “Review #51540”


Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

Metaphysical studies is life long is study.

John Hunter

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

online shopping I love there products!

Suge Macaroni

Review #57018

So much gratitude to The Meta-Center and to Tony for having the class! What a wonderful class from beginning to end starting with a very relaxing singing- bowl meditation, Thank… Read more “Review #57018”


Review #49246

I started feeling effects faster than expected (2-3 weeks?) Definitely improves clarity and focus as others have said but it also has begun to make my dreams more vivid/clear and… Read more “Review #49246”


Review #49114

I planted a few of the seeds as soon as I got them and they sprouted within a few days under my grow light and transfered the seedlings outside and… Read more “Review #49114”


Review #51711

All I know is that, while I was reading it, I wanted to keep it a secret. The information inside of it is unlike anything I’ve ever read or heard… Read more “Review #51711”

Nadyne Forbes

Review #43709

Hi! You may start seeing the effects after a few hours or days. It varies from person to person and depends on each individual situation and health conditions


Review #52737

Very healthy and helpful to take


Review #52477

i myself and 3yr old
luvs it

Anthony Green

Review #48795

I originally bought this tea for lactation and let me tell you, in just ONE day i had a 2 oz. increase. I am not drinking the tea 2-3 times… Read more “Review #48795”


Review #57299

I love this herb it is amazing, i’ve been a lot sharper with my thoughts and responses, it even taste really good. this is so benefical i will be ordering… Read more “Review #57299”


Review #50568

First of all let me say that I love the Meta-Center the wisdom behind everything they do is so trustworthy for me
The Cleaner for Men has been great… Read more “Review #50568”

Glenn Jackson

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

I recommend the products and the vast information this great soul Dr. Blair has offered to humanity.

Tanya Buford

Review #55644

I think that this case works well. When I put my phone in the case at night it cannot be tracked, or anytime. I like that. And the fact that… Read more “Review #55644”

Laura Q.

Review #51686

I have to keep this product as part of my regiment. Love it.


Review #53423

My experience with Super Sprouts makes me feel good, energetic, and the taste is not bad either. I like it. I mix it with water, or lemon aid. Have a… Read more “Review #53423”


Review #51750

I’m having amazing vivid dreams. This tea is its just what I needed. It also helps me remember more of my dreams. I love this!

Jennifer E.

Review #57149

I enjoyed all the information/instructions given in class. Before class started a young man told me ,” once everyone arrives the energy in the room will increase”. I took notice,… Read more “Review #57149”

Corey Davis

Review #54966

This tea is excellent you feel it working within minutes thanks again for keeping us healthy 🙂


WooCommerce Review #26965

The Mind Configurator class was very informative. It focused on the inner workings of a person’s mind and how they can gain control over the different areas of their life.… Read more “WooCommerce Review #26965”


Review #48766

I usually get alot of breakage in the wintertime due to drying effects of the heat, using good hair helps to reduce breakage. The price is very affordable too.

Verlyn Williams

Review #51684

Im glad The Meta Center carries this product. Because this product is hard to find and its of good quality.


Authentic – Nag Champa – Incense Sticks

I use weekly to cleanse my space, I use in conjunction with Paolo Santo Smudge sticks.


Review #52583

Dreams become movies

Kojo Annini-Bey

Review #54396

The class was very informative and thought provoking and presented in a understandable manner along with a well knowledgeable presenter. Thank you


Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center


Shanique SehkmetMaat El Bey

Review #41213

I started taking the Monatomic Gold Capsules about 1 week ago and it seemed almost immediately, I responded positively to this product. As a person who talks to people for… Read more “Review #41213”

Simply Naiym

Review #42239

That burst of energy and synergy of so many of my daily functions had me singin’ Mya’s My Love Is Like… Wo to whomever crossed my path!


Review #52480

There are only a handful of supplements I have ever taken that immediately stand out as wonderful, and this is one of those. The first time I used it I… Read more “Review #52480”

Anthony Green

Review #49278

EMF fabric works as described. I covered my bedroom window as suggested and awoke more clear headed and refreshed. Helps with making sleep more restful and changes the feel of… Read more “Review #49278”


Review #46101

I appreciate these rose quartz pendants I got two of them both for my daughters. I trust the science behind what Delbert Blair taught so I countine to support and… Read more “Review #46101”


Review #55399

In my personal experience of trying different body cleansing and body detox The Cleaner has my recommendation over any other product.
What I really like is that not only… Read more “Review #55399”


Review #44686

This EMF cell phone protector really works! I can already tell the difference when using my device for work and leisure. Thankful to have the protection from my cell phone… Read more “Review #44686”


Review #46367

I order only from Metacenter products are always 100%


Review #26811

The online class about the mind configurator fortifies and clarifies extreme emotional states that we experience daily for reasons locked away in our subconscious. This online simply helps us to… Read more “Review #26811”

nate henry

Review #51115

thank you

Carol Bey

Review #55161

Ive been taking for a few weeks with monoatomic gold. My skin visibly glows and looks youthful. I don’t know if its the combination of the two or not, but… Read more “Review #55161”

Dr. Kia Pruitt

Review #49245

Morning after the first night it started working and continued to the last day. Definitely did the job. Great product!


Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

I miss him and I very much appreciate the blueprint that he let for us, to save our lives.

Spencer Reid

Review #44692

Everyone should have some organic cinnamon in their life!
Cinnamon has so many benefits that I will not even list them all, but I will say, if you don’t… Read more “Review #44692”


Review #53048

The product is excellent. It has all the nutritional value that my body needs and it taste good.

Pamela Walker

Review #46905

This is a must have for everyone . Just installed a reverse osmosis water system at the house , and compared the tap water to the filtered water. Tap water… Read more “Review #46905”

Corey Davis

Review #54053

Such a difference within the first few days. Love this product !

Terra Hayes

Review #56947

The 201 class was excellent. Small class room setting where Tony was engaging and involved with all the attendees. Tony broke down in a simple manner the way one goes… Read more “Review #56947”

Chrisrichard JeanBaptiste

Review #51689

I love this copper bracelet. It really works and its very pretty.


Review #26810

The online class about the mind configurator also known as mind mapping fortifies and clarifies extreme emotional states that we experience daily for reasons locked away in our subconscious. This… Read more “Review #26810”

nate henry

Review #46368

I only order from The Metacenter to make sure I’m getting quality product


Review #55947

Got it for my daughter and we loved it she use it by herself and I see a lot of improvement in using this product will continue to buy here


Review #49091

I cannot go without my turmeric..GREAT


Review #44693

Listen… Tumeric is a must! Get it now!


Review #56478

Love this works great !!!


Review #48215

Work excellent I recommend it.


Review #51693

Brought this for My Mother and She absolutely loves it says helps her knee soreness greatly and has a comfortable fit as well


Review #52323

I’m so glad I purchased this. It has improved my memory and my dreams and even helping with lucid dreaming. I love this stuff & will be a staple in… Read more “Review #52323”

Seanisha Hopkins

Review #45486

I must say this just works & is powerful i felt it coursing through my body i was getting erections & desire way before myself & my partner ever started… Read more “Review #45486”


Review #54235

Received my manotomic gold and ready to try it out..I will definitely get good results since am not a meat/Starchy food or dairy consumer since its harmful to the body..


Review #44867

Hands down, very effective. Before starting a new diet or regiment workout plan, a good cleansing also makes for a good start. I’m so surprised, on the none liked tabs… Read more “Review #44867”


Review #52673

I am so glad that i ordered these Moringa Seeds. I have been taking them for 30 days and i feel better than ever. I feel 20 years younger, better… Read more “Review #52673”

Vonetta Davis

Review #44632

This Is 1 Of 5 Gem “Points” That I Have On A I Chain Made. It Is Important To Connect With The Stone, Sending Energies Of Care Love & Knowing… Read more “Review #44632”

Ebony Boyd

Review #42241

Thank the inventor & thank you Meta-Center Chicago for offering this. As a passionate traveler, this was a crucial addition to my travel gear.


Review #56682

This product is awesome! It has improved my mental clarity, and I sleep so much better.


Review #31566

I am happy with this product. I am grateful to be able to invest into my health. As soon as I put this product on, I notice a big difference… Read more “Review #31566”


Review #40607

I purchased the cards in person during a consultation. The things I like about the deck overall is it’s straight to the point. I assume if you want someone to… Read more “Review #40607”


Review #51703

Great Product will definitely purchase again


Review #50747

Very beautiful stone to wear for energy and protection. Best to wear while in the sun for more energy.


WooCommerce Review #26824

A true Master Teacher took us deep into the “how to” gain access to the subconscious mind. I’ve gotten bit and pieces here and there over the years but never… Read more “WooCommerce Review #26824”

Gaynelle Beatty

Review #45905

I have tried many different things to increase my appetite. I am a very picky eater and I just don’t crave food like that. I’ve been drinking this tea for… Read more “Review #45905”


Review #51544

Superior information as only Dr. Blair could have brought it. His teleconferences have helped me put things in perspective during this time of COVID, sheisty politicians and the multiple conjunctions… Read more “Review #51544”

Nicole Stewart

Review #55574

Dr. Delbert Blair gives a great speech about how and why we ought to protect our loving thoughts, the amount of sleep our body needs and that sleep/ magnetism are… Read more “Review #55574”


Review #51752

Vivid dreams and the ability to remember the dreams! I definitely recommend this product🖤


Review #53740

Personally it’s my first time trying this particular product. So far so great 🙂


Review #52739

It really works, you’ll be surprised if you fast and then drink it, you’ll be surprised of how it gets the job done, it really taste sweet to me. Enjoy… Read more “Review #52739”


Review #52738

A must have !! Must try, stamina increase


EMF Protection Fabric – Non Mesh Version

I love this fabric! I put it over my bedroom window as recommended by Tony. I could instantly feel a change in the energy of the room. I’m really glad… Read more “EMF Protection Fabric – Non Mesh Version”


Review #44690

I am so happy to have found these organic mornings seeds, I have been looking for these seeds to plant in my garden and to also add to my water… Read more “Review #44690”


Review #50658

Etherium gold is truly a mental and metaphysical powerhouse. From increased productivity to complex problem solving, this product has exponentially increased my ability to learn, apply and produce. I am… Read more “Review #50658”


Review: Podcast

No just because I was a recent guest, but because this show is so very, very informative on so many levels.
Black Archaeologist

Michael Lambert

Review #56216

Thank You So Much for Your Professional Enlightening Information & Presentation of Herbology Class 101

Theresa Scott

Review #52992

I keep returning to this product over and over again. I have tired others that are similar to this product ,but they cant match how well the cleaner really works.… Read more “Review #52992”


Review #47647

As always so informative ! Dr Blair’s lessons will leave your mind stimulated !

Claressa Prior

Review #50444

I’ve been drinking the tea twice daily for almost a week and I notice a increase in my breast already! Will give an update in a few weeks, but im… Read more “Review #50444”


Review #54510

I use this by putting it in my drinks during breakfast and lunch. I skip the evening because I don’t want to stay awake. I noticed after using this that… Read more “Review #54510”

Carmen Atkins

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

They Know
And Allow You To Make Your Own Observations. And Do Your Own Research.

BashetuE-seamoene Soladana

Review #27910

Awareness may be the most unrecognized attribute we overlook in a daily basis. This program will assist in providing your brain with the tools needed in memory witch will make… Read more “Review #27910”

Kyle White

Review #54513

I take these every day and try not to miss! These help to ease my menstrual cramps and they help with my hormones. My sister bought these for me over… Read more “Review #54513”


Review #53900

This substance is powerful. It makes me calm and reduces anxiety associated with hotflashes during menopause. My hot flashes have significantly decreased and I have no more anxiety. I have… Read more “Review #53900”


Review #53420

I love what I’ve heard so far on “The Audio Archive – 1 thru 7 – (Digital Downloads)” I’m glad I went after this, On that month. Usually it doesn’t… Read more “Review #53420”


Review #46191

Didn’t know I had all of that built up.


Review #52735

I just started taking my Ceylon Cinnamon today and it is fantastic. The smell, taste, and flavor is amazing. It keeps me in the kitchen flavoring delicious foods. Now i… Read more “Review #52735”

Vonetta Davis

Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

It’s neat to dive in and see what is out there in the labyrinth of truth and metaphysical field.

Dave Haschke

Review #49586



Review #54658

Excellent product with productive seed harvest!


Review #53049

Love this product! This is my second order and I can truly say the product works well for me.


Review #54791

Great value and looking forward for my harvest.


Review #45906

I purchased The Cleaner for my husband. He said that he has more energy and that he feels lighter.


Review #53429

It’s great and it works


Review #50746

This is my 2nd time using this product and it has helped me tremendously. Very good source of Vitamin D that women need before, during and after menopause .


Review #51804

I love my crystal thank you

Carol Bey

Review #51687

This is a great product that will protect us from all the dangers of polluting that invades our lives daily.


Review #51751

Cleansing and refreshing!

Jennifer E.

Review #51700

Great Product will definitely purchase again


Review #54395

The class was very informative and thought provoking along with a well knowledgeable presenter. It was more than a herbology class with multiple levels of healing .


Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

Amazing products, amazing services, their is no other place on the planet that provides these products😊. Highly recommended

Krystal Alkaline Doula

Review #26821

This class was very informative in teaching you how to master your subconscious in order to master your world and your mind. It delved into your subconscious controlling what your… Read more “Review #26821”

G. Pfister

Review #56538

This product is really coming in handy, especially during this time of year when there is less sunshine. I can tell a significant improvement in my overall well-being.


Review #24911

I kid you not! Within the first 2 hours I noticed change in my work flow. It felt like I just woke up and slept soundly all night. I was… Read more “Review #24911”

Antoine Bradley

Love EMF pocket and computer protection

I feel protected against exposure of radiation when wearing my pocket piece.

Lorraine Johnson

Review #53564

Return of my Dreams👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

Boe Brown

Review #51456

I have played games on my phones for hours before knowing about the effects that the radiation emitting can do to humans without protection . I would get burning sensations… Read more “Review #51456”

Curtis E Kennedy JR

Review #44691

This powder is amazing! I personally do not think there is a better berry powder on the planet that has all the benefits and positive effects as Maqui Berry Powder!… Read more “Review #44691”


Review #51511

This product is amazing! I have been using it as instructed and have experienced not only enhanced ability to dream but also the ability to remember all of my dreams.… Read more “Review #51511”

Zekiya Dudley

Review #54792

I was about to spend a few thousand dollars, not to mention the emotional and physical price I was considering paying for augmentation, I have always been pretty small especially… Read more “Review #54792”


Review: Overall Experience with The Meta-Center

Dr Delbert Blair and his teaching has changed my life for the better. I love their products and I highly recommend this website.

Joseph Eubanks II

Review #54659

Excellent product with productive seed harvest!!

Wakeelah Muhammad

Review #43635

Cleans you right out… good for occasional or periodic use.


Review #44531

Helps me reset when I need it

Maurice Todd

Review #55298

I can always depend on The Meta-Center Chicago to develop pure energized products. There’s no worry of harmful additives etc. And shient always comes on time as expected. Forever a… Read more “Review #55298”

Wudjet Re

Review #50540

Compared to other smudge sticks I have used this one is far better. It burns evenly and longer. The smell is invigorating and calming at the same time I recommend… Read more “Review #50540”

Mercedes Scott

Review #56537

A very informative experience…looking forward to the next session.


Review #47422

This product is excellent for women especially during the menstrual cycle. When I take the formula pills (5) a day I will notice the difference immediately. This is a superior… Read more “Review #47422”

Carmen Atkins