No, Orgonite and Dio’s are most definitely NOT the same.


We sell both but there is most definitely a difference. 


We are the source for Dio’s across the world.


The long story made short is: 


  1. Orgone is an assortment of metals and crystals with resin combined in stasis, believed to change the energy in an environment.
  2. Dio’s are our proprietary infused organic based technology, embedded into many of our products.  Dr. Delbert Blair stated on many occasions that “Dio’s are technology gifted from the future.” Dio’s also  Transmutate negative energy and organic matter.

As Dr. Delbert Blair has said many times is that “Dio’s are a gift from the future.”

Dio’s are different than Orgone in that Dio’s transmutate energy while Orgone brings in energy.


We are working on a new structure and until the newest release the Pyramids are a fantastic option.


For a standard single family home, with a basement and 3-4 bedrooms you should have a Pyramid in each bedroom and one in the common living space (living room).


This will bring about the same energy concentration as the one Pyramid from years ago (that cost much more than 4 of the smaller pyramids).



The Crystal Pendents offered on the website can be worn by just about anyone.


But in our experience children should NOT be given crystal pendents to wear.




Many of the crystals on the website are extremely fragile and because children are playful, they tend to pull at, drop, bump it into objects which either crack, shatter, or some how just destroy your purchased technology. 



We suspect around mid-June 2020 processing times for orders should be back closer to our normal processing/ship times which is 1-2 days to process most orders and then they ship.


We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time.


If you’re ever curious about current processing time you are always welcome to call or send us an email.  


If your purchase is for a gift/birthday and you need it by a certain date, call us first so we can let you know an approximate ship date so there are no surprises.

  1. Dr. Blair had ordered in many pieces to his technology which made the wait time to get one quite long (1-3 MONTHS) but many were patient to wait.  Due to your patronage we brought the EMF Technology in-house so instead of waiting 1-3 months during normal times to receive a cell phone protector etc., now you receive it in a few days.  During pandemic times, processing time has extended to 3-8 days approximately, BUT still much quicker,
  2. Not only was Dr. Delbert Blair a friend, teacher, and father-like figure to Tony, BUT Tony was Dr. Blair’s herbalist and more.  As such we source herbs DIRECT from the source for the community so all may enjoy the specialty items Tony uses privately and those Dr. Blair trusted Tony to recommend.  But because we source direct and purity is of importance sometimes for many months some of the herbal offerings are unavailable until the next growing season,
  3. We have increased the types of EMF technology available,
  4. We have increased the types of Magnetic Technology available,
  5. We have increased the types of Monatomics Available,
  6. We have increased the types of valuable supplementation for the community,
  7. Tony has released herbal technologies to help the community world wide, in the form of Tea’s the most popular during the Covid-19 is Be Well,
  8. We have been hosting events across the country, helping to prepare those who have been doing the internal work, for the next step that is and has been occurring and what specifically Dr. Blair trusted wholeheartedly that Tony would share his gifts with those who are able to hear and overstand, innerstand and understand.  
  9. We (this includes you) continue the energy forward by doing the internal and external work needed to bring about a more healthy, happy, and internally fulfilled future in the minds and hearts of the young and old alike,
  10. There’s much much more, but we know you get the point… 


Keep bringing higher vibrations into your space and time =)


~The Meta-Center

Please see below for our order process:

  1. Order placed by you =)
  2. Order is put in queue to begin processing (Normal processing 1-2 days)  **** Processing during Pandemic is approximately at 3-4 days. AS OF 06/17/2020****
    1. As order is in queue, if order has any custom made items they are now being created.
    2. Processing queue is first come, first served 
      1. We do allow those with severe health issues to receive their supplementation faster than queue number, but verifiable severe health issues need to be on file with us with documentation and at the discretion of the Meta-Center.  As an example, health products only can be purchased not digital downloads etc.
  3. Once your queue number is reached, it is packed with your goodies, supplemental flyers & gifts (if applicable) and box is double sealed for your protection.
    1. At this time tracking numbers are emailed out and corresponding text messages are sent out as well to notify you of order
  4. We schedule pickup with the United States Post Office and/or FEDEX so parcel can begin its travel to you.


*** Please note that nothing will rush this process.  We make sure that every package is packed and secure for safe delivery.  We understand that if possible people would like their order to magically appear the moment they place an order, but in the 3rd density, patience is required. ***


How are you contacted/notified about your order?:


  1. You will will receive a receipt of payment to your email once successful payment has been made
  2. You will receive a ‘text’ message saying that order is now processing
  3. Once order is processed and ready to ship you will receive: 
    1. Another text message stating that order has been completed and is ready to be shipped.
    2. You will also receive a email with tracking number so you can track your order throughout its process.



Of course we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Way to many people depend on us to be here in their time of need.  SO WE ARE.  We have all been working over time to make sure that all orders are processed. 

Of course you could imagine the influx of orders we are receiving due to us being that beacon of light for the spiritual/metaphysical community world wide.  So know that every single order will be processed and shipped. 


There are delays which could be expected during this time, so we ask that you’re patient with us as we process your orders and ship them in such a way to make sure each and every order is received intact on your end.


All orders as usual, will have tracking numbers emailed etc.


We have always been your go to supplier, as such we are here for you the same.


Best regards, 


~The Meta-Center

Now some of you wouldn’t believe this, but we get this question about 2-5x monthly.


People navigate pass the products, news post, events and even the phone number on the contact us page.  To send us a message on the contact us page, asking us are we still here.


So… YES, we are still around lol! 


We hold events all over the country and still supply the world with unique products and insight.


THANK YOU for coming by and look forward to seeing you at a future event =) 

We get this question at least once a week, rather it be from a phone call or an email.


Tony who spent many years literally by Dr. Delbert Blair’s side has created a short list of products that Dr. Blair used on a regular bases.

  1. Monatomic Gold Capsules, [Pineal Gland Support, Focus, Dream Enhancement]
  2. Colloidal Gold Liquid, [Raising Vibration/Immunity]
  3. Heartlight (Discontinued)
  4. Miracle 2000 or Heart Miracle (which ever one he had available at the time), [Liquid Multi-Vitamin]
  5. Good Hair, [Benefits and nourishes, Hair, Skin, Nails]
  6. Cleaner for Men (Here is the Women’s Version), he used this once a season, [Cleans out the body and its organs, colon cleanser]
  7. Male Drive, [Prostate, Male Genitalia Support]
  8. Toxin Therapy, [Helps to remove toxins from the body]
  9. Cell phone Protector, [Limits EMF from Cell Phone]
  10. EMF Appliance Protector, [Limits EMF from Electronic Devices]
  11. EMF Pocket Protector, [Limits some of the EMF that hits the body on a daily basis]
  12. EMF Mattress (Personal Size), He slept on this every single night, many sizes available, Twin, Full, Queen, King/Cali-King, [Limits EMF from hitting the body during sleep plus transmutates the negative energy within the body]
  13. EMF Seat Cushion, he sat on this during lectures as well as when he was driving, [Limits EMF from hitting the body plus transmutates the negative energy within the body]
  14. EMF Plate, when he came in with groceries this was his go to for transmutating the energies within his food, [Transmutates the negative energy within food]
  15. Block Magnet, he used to sit his feet on this as well as his water, [Magnets do the following, Increase Circulation, Decrease Inflammation, Increases Healing, Decreases Pain]
  16. Copper Magnetic Bracelet, the majority of the time you would always see him with at least one on, [Magnets do the following, Increase Circulation, Decrease Inflammation, Increases Healing, Decreases Pain]
  17. Magnetic Shoe Insole, this was in all of his shoes, [Magnets do the following, Increase Circulation, Decrease Inflammation, Increases Healing, Decreases Pain]
  18. More esoteric products and combinations of products he also consumed.  These may be listed in the future.


We thank all of you for your continued patronage, prayers, meditations and all around good energy sent our way. 

CLICK HERE to see what many have to say about the products and services offered by The Meta-Center.

Periodically during the month we offer ‘deep’ discount coupons.

These coupon can be found HERE


We always have FREE Shipping with orders $75 and over…

also, we have the coupon metacenter5 which is always available for 5% off. 


If you would like one of the higher discounts we offer from time to time but there isn’t one available, just leave a review!  Yep, many of you have been purchasing for years and rarely leave reviews.  When you leave a product review you will receive a coupon code of 7% or higher.  It’s just that simple.


Instructions: Log into your account (or click on review email), click on order history, click on leave a review next to the product in your order.


As usual and as always we appreciate your continued patronage.

Yes, most definitely!


Please note that even if 1-on-1 or a small group the Super-Human Experience is still 6-8 hours long.  Yep, it’s that long. 


This time can be lessened or lengthened based on what the person or group would like Tony to speak on more in length or less.


If you would like to go over details, rather it be coming to you or you coming to Chicago this all can be worked out.  Non-refundable deposits are required to hold your date and time.


Give us a call at (888) 969-6465 or send us an email HERE if interested. 



Yes we do!


  • With orders over $75, the FREE Shipping option will appear during checkout (US Customers Only).
  • We also offer FREE Shipping coupon(s) monthly in which you you can use on any size order.


Also, in 2019, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has had the greatest increase in postage shipping prices than previous years.


Some have asked “Can you ship for the same price as Amazon or even LOWER!!!?????”


No small business can compete with Amazon… this is the reality.  On top of that even Amazon can’t ship at those low prices!  



Amazon is literally pouring billions to offer the shipping cost that they do so you won’t shop with a small business but instead shop on their website.  This is a whole different story and dynamic which will be talked about on our podcast.


As an example, we only purchase office supplies off of Amazon since the same conglomerates own the local office supply stores.  But when it comes to our personal needs, clothing, etc., we ALWAYS shop with online small businesses and local small businesses even if it means paying a couple bucks more.


You vote with your dollar.


Hope this helps

If shipping to a different address other than the credit card billing address, please use the ‘Paypal’ or ‘Mail-in Payment’ option on checkout page.


If the ‘credit card’ option is chosen at checkout and ship to name and/or address does not match billing name and address your payment will be refunded.


No exceptions.


International Orders (outside of the United States) – Choose Paypal only

Order where shipping address DOES NOT match billing address – Choose Paypal only



If you are in need of immediate medical attention please call 911.


If you have a question or comment please contact us HERE.

Or, call us at (888) 969-6465


Since our shipping system is directly linked to USPS we are notified when certain zip codes/regions/cities have certain unsavory things happening at the time of the order.

This may include delayed/lost/stolen/fraudulently ordered packages.


So to make sure that you, the buyer, receive your order on time, we reserve the right to add additional services to your package at our cost.


This notification has been in the ‘terms‘ for a few years but have put it in the FAQ section as well for visibility.

Attend one of the Super-Human Training sessions here in Chicago or attend one as we travel across the country, or host a private session near you.

Book a consultation

Purchase some of the books on the subject that will clear the way for self development

Enhance the body not only with exercise but with herbal supplementation,



Did we mentioned to Meditate?

During meditation allow your mind to empty.

If you want deeper control of your subconscious purchase the book ‘The Mind Configurator‘.

Maybe… =)

Digital downloads are typically e-mailed within 12hrs but can take up to 24hrs after purchase.  It will come from the name ‘Meta-Center Dropbox’ so make sure you look for this name in your e-mail.

If order is placed on the weekends (Saturday/Sunday) it will not be sent till the next business day.

We allow local pickups only a few times a year.  Due to the nature of the research we conduct in our office we are generally not open to the public.

Next pickup day: 07/03/2020 (Friday)

Time: 10am – 6pm

Please call, we are by appointment only.

Yes, Please give us a call (888) 969-6465

Just shoot us over an e-mail and we will refund immediately.

Please note: we have found that the few who have experienced this need to clear their browser cache/cookies before entering coupon.

No problem, let us know within 2 hours of placing order and we will credit your account.  If after 2 hours please note we are unable to adjust order state.

  • Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. Sometimes we do ship orders the same day if order is placed early enough in the day but this is no guarantee.
  • Items that are custom made (EMF Mattress, Orgone Blanket) as well as back-ordered products may take longer than the standard processing time.
  • All orders once shipped either ship via U.S.P.S. or FEDEX.
  • First time international order customers may take up to 5 business days to process. To protect us both from fraudulent transactions.

Orders placed by 5pm C.S.T. will process to ship the following day.  For example, if order placed at 430pm C.S.T. Monday it will ship Tuesday, but if placed at 530 Monday it won’t ship till Wednesday because it won’t be processed till Tuesday.  Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Ordered                     Ships


Friday                         Monday

Saturday/Sunday      Tuesday

All orders are shipped via USPS (US Postal Service) or FEDEX.  If chosen at checkout orders will ship with Signature Confirmation and if needed Insurance.

So you may rest assured that every detail has been had to make sure you receive your order from us!

Please give us a call, we only put the most popular items on the website but we still have in stock and can special order items you may have received from us in the past.

Also, we have a collection of thousands of herbs from all around the world that are not listed and probably will never be.  Due to our abundance unique collections and the seemingly obsession with some to copy our products and services as their own.

Unfortunately you will only be able to obtain many services and/or products in person only.

Please go here: Consultation

Yes we do!  Please add items to the shopping cart and proceed through checkout as normal.  If you have any questions please give us a call at (888) 969-6465.


We do not ship to the continent of Africa or to the country of Brazil.

Dr. Blair had a major health scare in May of 2015, due to this and other circumstance the “Meta-Center” was closed down in June 2015.  Out of respect for him as a teacher and friend, Tony opened the “Meta-Center Chicago” in August 2015.

It was sad to hear when Dr. Blair closed the doors of something he held on to for so long, so to honor him and to keep his legacy alive you’re currently on the only authorized website by Dr. Delbert Blair himself.

Dr. Blair passed away from the physical world on January 31st, 2016 at 8:43am.

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