Exploration | 1 | Oct 11 2022

Water Sample Report | Lake Michigan | 2022

Greetings Vortex Researchers,


Multi-part vortex energy research is now taking place at the Chicago Vortex.

As this is not a sightseeing tour, but a scientific endeavor, gathering data, to explore and share.

Hopefully YOU will be part of this journey with us!

All donations and assistance will be used for research and development purposes.


Some of our other successful projects:

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Project Speakeasy – What do Americans truly feel about what is happening around them? (Unfiltered) – www.projectspeakeasy.info <— Data review in last stage.  Approximately 45 days till release.


Part 1 – Tuesday, October 11th 2022

  • Charter a vessel for a (1) day trip (4-6 hours) out to predetermined coordinates
    • Would you like to join us?  Let us know!  Limited seating.
  • Data and Sample collection to and fro vortex site
    • Data and Sample collection by The Meta-Center / Algorithmic Research Foundation
    • Photo and Video will be captured and cataloged
  • Data analysis

Part 2 – 2023 – 2024

  • Between Part 1 and the starting of Part 2, scuba diving certification training (150ft) and technical diving
    • Would you like to join us?  Let us know!
  • Charter a diving vessel to anchor at predetermined location(s)
  • Dive deep into the waters, to gather more data, research possibilities and more.
    • Underwater Photo and Video will be captured and cataloged
  • Data Analysis
  • Additional research and/or exploration will be determined as each portion is completed.
  • We can theorize on what may or may not be found, but this will not be able to be determined with 100% certainty until we’re suited up and diving deep.
  • Want to join in on yet another once in a life time adventure?
    • Contact us!