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EMF Protection Fabric – Faraday Cage / Military Grade – Mesh – Sold by the foot

Use on Windows, Within Clothing, Bedding/Sheets and more!

My Beautiful Curves – Tea Blend – 4OZ

May Dramatically Increase Breast Size, Milk Production and/or Buttocks

Authentic Shilajit Resin – (10g) 4-6 month Supply

May help Raise Immunity, Metabolism, Fertility, Stamina & Endurance of Body and Brain

Tongkat Ali – 100:1 Extract – 10g Powder

May help with Testosterone, Boost Sexual Performance, Sperm Production, Enhance Muscle Mass, Super Charge Sexual Desire in Women

LifeSource SuperSprouts – 2oz Powder

Boost your green drinks or just water with Mega Dose of Greens!
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White Sage Smudge Sticks – Packed by Hand – (3) Included

Great for Temple, Home, Car, Hotel and other places of to clear energies

E.M.F. Seat Cushion / Pillow – 1 inch Thick – 5G – 2019.1 Version

May limit E.M.F. in Automobile and Head while Sleeping

Be Well – Tea Blend – 4OZ

May help to limit the seasonal ills, while fortifying internal defenses

Bladderwrack – Organic – Powder – 4oz

May provide Thyroid Support, Digestive & Heart Support, Naturally Occurring Iodine

Nascent Iodine – 1oz

May help with Thyroid Support & Cellular Function

Spirulina Powder – Organic – 4oz

May help with Immunity, Healthy Inflammatory Response, Brain & Heart Health

Maca Root Powder (Red) – Organic – Raw – 4oz

May help with Prostate Support, Libido, Bone Density, Hormonal Balance

Siberian Ginseng – Powder – 4oz

May help with Sustained Energy, Boost Immunity, Naturally Reduce Stress Levels, Fertility, Hormonal Balance

Sarsaparilla Root – Wild – 4oz

May support prostate and kidney health and much more

100% Natural Bee Propolis Powder with 5% Carob – Raw – 2oz


Foundation Kidney & Liver – Tea Blend – 4OZ

May help to cleanse, detoxify and strengthen multiple systems of the body

Fenugreek Seeds – Organic – 4oz

May improve hair, skin, brain, heart, stop cancer cell growth

Watermelon – Jubilee – Heirloom Seeds

Elongated, large oval fruit. Very sweet, deep-red flesh; very crisp.

Goji Berry Powder – Organic – 4oz

For thousands of years, the Goji Berry has been revered for its staggering array of possible health benefits.

Maqui Berry Powder – Organic – 4oz

May support healthy weight loss, energy, stamina, power antioxidant properties

Tongkat Ali – Non Extract Version – Powder – 4oz

May help with Testosterone Enhancement, Can be used by Men and Women

Watermelon – Blacktail Mountain – Heirloom Seeds

The flesh is red and deliciously sweet. Fruit has a dark rind.

Chaga Powder – Wild Crafted – 4oz

May lower blood sugar, strengthen immune system, lower blood pressure, anti-aging

Muira Puama Powder – Non GMO – 4oz

May support healthy circulation & sexual vitality levels, sensory & stress response
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PRIVATE RESERVE: Deer Antler – Sliced – 1/2oz

From Red Deer - May Build Yang, Endurance

Rooibos Tea (Red) – 4oz

Rooibos tea may provide a concentrated source of antioxidants and flavonoids.

Herbal Iron – Tea Blend – 4OZ

A collection of herbs prized by nature which may enrich the body's iron supply

Dandelion Roots – Organic – 4oz

Traditionally used to Detoxify the body and Support Liver & Kidney Function
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PRIVATE RESERVE: Korean Ginseng Tips – 1oz

From 20-30 Year Old Ginseng - May help with Energy, Stamina, Immune System

Himalayan Sea Salt – 4oz

Sourced from Ancient Himalayan Seabeds

Maca Root Powder (Black) – Organic – Raw – 4oz

May help Stamina, Energy, Well-Being, Fertility, Brain and Liver

Orgone Accumulator Blanket – 5G – 2017 Version – Personal Size

May Provide Powerful Healing Energy, Decrease Illness, Boost Immunity & Supercharge Internal Systems