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Magnetic Finger Rings – Copper – 10,000 Gauss – 4 Magnets Each – Exclusive to the Meta-Center Chicago – One size fits most – (1) Ring Included


The ancient form of Japanese art and it is a treatment that helps to balance the emotions due to the stimulation of specific points on the hands.

Tony wears these during his Nei Gong sessions and at times when he does energy work on clients.  I’ve personally purchased these from his private stock and suggested that others could benefit from his knowledge on this subject.  So here it is.

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In fact it is a part of alternative medicine, for those who have not heard about this ancient Japanese philosophy and mastery. It is based on the fingers of the hands, and to balance the energy of the body its task is through the important points on fingers, and that is very important for the emotional and physical health of the body.



These are the organs of the body connected with your fingers:


Organs: spleen and stomach.

Emotions: depression and anxiety.

Physical symptoms: nervousness, abdominal pain, headaches, skin problems.

Index finger (Forefinger):

Organs: bladder and kidneys.

Emotions: confusion, disappointment and fear.

Physical symptoms: problems with the digestive system, muscle aches, toothache, backache.

Middle finger:

Organs: gall-bag and liver.

Emotions: irritability, indecision and anger.

Physical symptoms: migraine, vision problems, problems with blood circulation, fatigue, menstrual pain, frontal headache.

Ring finger:

Organs: colon and lungs.

Emotions: grief, negativity, fear of rejection and sadness.

Physical symptoms: problems with digestion, asthma, ringing in the ears, skin diseases, respiratory problems.

Small finger:

Organs: small intestine and heart.

Emotions: lack of self-esteem, care, nervousness and anxiety.

Physical symptoms: problems with bones, heart disease, stomach bloating, sore throat.


  • Made of Pure Copper with Rose gold tarnish protector on top
  • Each ring has 4 powerful magnets

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