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Just like many of our astrology reports which are ‘real’.  You only need one for this lifetime.


Update: March 15th, 2021

When this new offering was posted to the global community we got a call from a well known celebrity and she asked “is this about things that I need to fix in my life to have prosperity?”


We all have the attributes of prosperity within us that will bring us into full spectrum awareness that would allow us to achieve those objectives that are aligned with our purpose (destiny).

For a multitude of reasons people are not dwelling within this space even IF they have money, power, love etc.  Having money, power, love, etc., does not necessarily mean you are living within your purpose.

As such, this report is about the good within your attributes, the aspects of them that if amplified, if paid just a bit more attention to, will allow one to be fully charged within their time and space.

We have done so many reports for the neighbor next door as well as for many well known celebrities and internet influences they all say the same thing once they receive a report.


Without fail they say “I wish I would have known about this years ago.”  <– Many also state they wish they had it as a child so that they may have been living within their purpose from the start.


Anyhow, we want you to understand… yes YOU the reader.  That this is not the free, often negative, charts you get online via astrology websites.  Those are no where near the quality, detail, and precision that these offer.

Only (1) is needed for this lifetime.