The Meta-Center® is a large supportive community which spans the world.

We are appreciative for all the support that has taken place over the years from so many different nationalities and languages which did not get in the way of learning, sharing and growing.

The better we can guide and elevate our inner-state, the more powerfully we meet the demands of life, the more consciously we can direct the positive flow that pours from within to create stronger relationships and the life we desire.

This is why we are always listening to your concerns which help us in the formation of new thought forms that we bring forth.

We are always working on something behind the scenes and within these manifestations are always thoughts of you.

Currently we have supporters (customers and clients), members (those who go beyond to subscribe, donate etc.) and/or contractors in the following countries:

  1. United States
    1. All 50 States (including Puerto Rico)
  2. South America
    1. Costa Rica
    2. Brazil
  3. West Indies
    1. Jamaica
    2. Trinidad & Tobago
    3. Bermuda
    4. St. Lucia
    5. Haiti
    6. Dominican Republic
  4. Europe
    1. United Kingdom
    2. Ireland
    3. France
    4. Netherlands
    5. Germany
    6. Norway
    7. Serbia
    8. Switzerland
  5. Africa
    1. Ghana
    2. Nigeria
    3. Morocco
    4. Namibia
    5. Gambia
    6. Sierra Leone
  6. Middle East
    1. Israel
    2. Turkey
  7. Australia
  8. India
  9. New Zealand
  10. Japan
  11. Korea
  12. China