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Illinois – Flight Footage

(Please note: Original footage is in 1080p/4k Quality, footage downgraded for streaming)

Greetings Everyone,

For over 50 years we have been a pivotal part of the Metaphysical community along with the Health & Wellness communities promoting positive thought-forms and inspiring many to imagine not only what was, but what can be.

Well, with your dedication, patronage, and prayers/meditation we have jumped over a major hurdle over 4 years ago, keeping The Meta-Center alive and pushing forward with even more positive thought forms since the ascension of Dr. Delbert Blair.

Since then, his protege, friend, and student, who many call Tony Blair has been carrying on with unique classes showing aspirants from across the realm step by step on how to power up within, and the power of thought-forms with practical experiments shown live all across the United States (Telepathy, 100th Monkey Phenomenon, etc).

These classes as well as many others have been taking place every few months over 4 years till this point which brings us to the next step of scientific endeavors.

Which is titled… which I’m sure you’ve noticed ‘Project Etheric’.

With the Metaphysical Eye of The Meta-Center and the technical know how of those from the Algorithmic Research Foundation we will be having several Atmospheric Balloon launches taking place across the United States.

Launch Schedule is as follows:

1. Illinois – Friday July 30th
2. Georgia – Late September
3. Arizona – Mid October

Updated information can be found at

We will be sending up various types of equipment and collecting as much information as possible on each launch, this includes but not limited to audio/video, wind speed, direction, air pressure, temperature, travel coordinates throughout launch and much more.

Each subsequent launch will have larger payloads (equipment) as each atmospheric balloon will be much larger than the previous.

We look forward for many of you to be part of this process, as this may inspire or even trigger the genius that lies within to create without hesitation, to create which once was.

Once a launch has concluded and data has been analyzed, video of the event will be posted on our various platforms.

Once video(s) are posted we will have discussion on what took place.

We look forward to your energetic presence.

When we meet the Project Etheric goal which includes all funds gathered from all sources combined and then exceed that goal by at least $5,000 we will host an event for all of those who have donated.

A Thank you for your continued patronage as we move together into deeper understanding of the realm we reside in.

The project lead will be present to speak on fascinating experiments that have been done and  those that will take place in the future.

Donation Tiers represented as the layers of the atmosphere.

Troposphere @ $11

Stratosphere @ 111

Mesophere @ $333

Thermosphere @ $711

Exosphere @ $1111

*** All proceeds will be utilized for research and development purposes.


The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

High altitude balloons are said to have discovered the first two layers of earth’s atmosphere, the troposphere (the air we breathe, where weather conditions form) and stratosphere (above most weather conditions, where planes fly). The history of high altitude balloons dates back to 1896.

One family is credited with being the first to reach the stratosphere (Auguste Piccard, 1931) and exploring the deepest known parts of the ocean (Jacques Piccard, 1960)

1960 was the last high altitude balloon launch done by the US Air Force until the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established in 1958. By 1960 NASA had taken over as the country’s foremost space exploration agency.

Many types of balloons and zeppelins were used for transportation and entertainment in the old world. The Hindenburg disaster of 1937 brought forth questioning of safety of the use of zeppelins for air travel.