“It is all about the vortexian spin which encompasses rhythm, harmonic wave forms, acoustics and more.  The mastery of this concept will open the door to higher thought forms, technologies and the world beyond.”

~Tony Vortex (Super Human Training – Session 2 – Chicago)

“An individuals internal vortex operating correctly in my opinion, should be one of the most important and sought after mechanisms to innerstand, development and then deploy.  Such is the same with the external world,  one of the most important paths of humanity is to innerstand the natural spin aka state of their environment if they want all to be in balance.

Balance leads to life and advancement, being unbalanced leads to discontentment and negative outcomes.

Unbalanced socialism ideals leads to communism, unbalanced capitalistic ideals leads to fascism.

As such, in the end we are much stronger together than a part.  Seeing someone argue why half of something is better than the whole, in most circumstances I have seen leads to half way understanding which is half way closer to a negative outcome.

It is all about the vortexian spin, knowing this the choice has always been yours.

Our choice has been a life dedicated to the advancement of humanity via knowledge wisdom and understanding.”

Did you know?

Tony is not only a documented Scholar (which encompasses explorer, engineer, medicine man (herbalist, metaphysician), speaker for the forest (horticulturist, botanist) technologist) and was one of the few people that Grand Master Dr. Delbert Blair personally counted on to bounce ideas off of and to keep him here in the flesh as long as possible.

One of his latest public projects was collecting data from space… yes literal space. Atmospheric balloons were sent up into the mid-upper stratosphere (30-35 miles above us).  Illinois Launch was July 31st, 2021 & Georgia Launch was September 25th, 2021.

You can see a portion of the footage below:

Below you will find 2 videos that deal with growing food in smaller spaces.  This was brought about because of perceived food shortages in the future so he showed he community how to build a high yielding hydroponic setup.

Part 1

Part 2



Also Tony has been personally cooking food in his kitchen and serving it to the homeless of Chicago for almost 20 years. This is nothing new to those who know him.

This is one of the many reasons why the Grand Master Dr. Delbert Blair adored him.

Here is one of many clips of the World renown Dr. Delbert Blair expressing how he felt about Tony:

Over the last few years, others have even come out to assist in serving and preparing these meals, and of course YOU play an integral part of the service we give by your continued patronage. You are with us as each meal is served, and every syllable spoken.

In addition to serving food to the homeless, Tony has on many occasions supplied computers/technology to children/teens with no access to the basics of technology and were unable to do their school work.

Tony is passionate about helping others. This has been one of his top values since he was a child. Still, on a daily basis, you can see this value reflected in the great work he does.

He serves quietly, without pictures taken, and never seeks to receive accolades. Tony serves with all his heart because it is the correct thing to do and as such will continue to do it until his last day on earth, even without anyone in sight!

He even hesitated allowing to put this on the website because he wondered, “Why? Those who see have seen and to those that give merit to such activities watch to see if it is done as a pure act. So it’s not needed.”

Balancing and bringing light to one’s internal world so one may share the shine of their uniqueness in thee external.  A micro reflection of the macro or as above so below.

And so it is.


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Below you will find a transcript of the first few minutes from the Super-Human Tranining Session 1.  Held August 19th, 2017 in Chicago.

Everything is defined by the on-goings of ones internal vortex.

A symphony attracting, deflecting, reflecting, resonating connections and harmonizing to bring balance.

After today’s session, in time with practice and meditation you will be able to detect either by smell, touch, sight, sound, taste or feel the on goings of your own or someone else’s internal state.

Some of you may only be able to detect in one sense while others will be able to detect in all.

Do not compare yourselves to others as your path is yours to journey on and there has not been a path that I have seen yet that if followed wholly, does not lead to one becoming the hero of it.

Know the following: having tons of money to pursue and acquire material possessions, since for many money has become their god, does not mean ones internal vortex is operating properly. Nor does it mean because one neglects that aspect of the world, does not signify ones internal vortex is out of sync.

Every living thing has an internal vortex, and a portion of these living beings also has a soul engine. We will get into the soul engine later today. As well actual experiments to show you directly with your own eyes what is possible when ones internal vortex is operating how it should.

But inanimate objects such as buildings also can cast a vortexian spin which happens when many gather to project certain thought-forms in unison. An example of this would be at your place of work.

Also, whole industries can give off certain spins due to the innate energetic signatures by their creators and/or current owners and/or current users/customers/practitioners.

An example of this would be, what do you think of any of these industries?

1. The Medical Field? (Out of 57 people 54 had negative comments/experiences)
2. The Legal Industry? (Out of 57 people 56 had negative comments/experiences)
3. Religious Institutions? (Out of 57 people 49 had negative comments/experiences)

You see, most of you had something negative to say about all of them. How can that be so? We have people here from all walks of life. Young, old, men, women, so called black, so called white, as well as Mexicans, Africans and Asians. And yet, it is a collective feeling that was just put forth concerning the negativity that these energetic forms project.

How can this be so? It is so, because these are vortexian centers to disrupt the rightful processes of what they are and were to represent. This does not mean there are not good people within these institutions, but as a whole does it not seem strange that a large amount of the populace feels as you do, sees as you do and hears as you do concerning this topic and yet it stays completely the same. As if it was designed to be as such?

We have some here from the United Kingdom, a few people from South America and many other places scattered throughout the world, but before we go too deep here, ask yourself truly do you want to smell, touch, see, hear, taste or feel (6th sense) and know without a doubt what you’re coming in contact with in this reality?

Ignorance is truly bliss.

This is that moment your dreams have been about and I welcome you.

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There’s an Ancient Stonehenge in Lake Michigan and it creates higher energetic thought forms