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Chaga Mushroom – Wild Harvested – 2oz

Chaga is a natural super-food mushroom, are rich in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including: B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, amino acids, fiber, rubidium, copper and zinc.
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SOLD OUT – EVENT – November 7th, 2020 – Learn to Heal Thyself – Herbology (Class 201) – Intermediate – Chicago, IL

By Cosmic Demand, brought back into the light for health and wellness of the Community
5 out of 5

Palo Santo Bracelet

Very Aromatic - Stretchable - All Wood

Elderberry Silver – 2oz

A unique blend of Organic Elderberry and colloidal silver designed to provide anti-viral support to the throat and lungs.

Muwa – The Arch Enemy of the Empath (Paperback)

Tricks and Tips on those who want to control humanity and who stands in their way

Organic Body Butter – 12oz

May help to reduce dry cracked skin, stretch marks and scars

Magnetic Leather Necklace

Powerful magnets which may promote a multitude of benefits for the upper body.

Meditate, Cultivate, Elevate T Shirt – Logo Black

A simple course of actions to become the best you!