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Crystal Sound Therapy – 432hz – Digital Download

8 Tracks Taking One on a Journey Through Sound

Rooibos Tea (Red) – 4oz

Rooibos tea may provide a concentrated source of antioxidants and flavonoids.

Know thy Self – Astrological Bundle

Detailed Analysis of your Astrological Sign to get a complete picture of your Past Life, Karma, Health, Acquiring life fulfillment and much more!

Super Silica Plus – 60 Caps

Essential for optimal bone health and mental acuity


Detailed Analysis of your Astrological Sign to bring about the highest levels of prosperity possible within your time and space.

Lemon Squash – Heirloom Seeds

This squash is the shape, size and color of a lemon, it grows great with huge yields and the best resistance to insects we have seen in a summer squash.

Dreaming Borage Flower – Heirloom Seeds

Cucumber-flavored fresh leaves are added to salads, cooked, or made into a cooling drink. The blue flowers are used as a garnish. Makes a good honey plant. Also used medicinally.

Cucumber – Heirloom Seeds

Superb taste, excellent for slicing or pickling; bears abundantly. A rare variety from Germany.


Detailed Analysis of your Astrological Sign combined with the Asteroids that orbit around us to bring about an inner clarity that is so precise it may align one with their true purpose immediately.

My Young Sun & Moon

Detailed Analysis of your child's Astrological Sign so that the parents may have complete understanding of the new soul amongst them.

Chakra Rising

Detailed Analysis of your Astrological Sign for instruction which may help one rise thru the lessons that each chakra teaches.


Detailed Analysis of your Astrological details to expose weaknesses in ones armor so that they may not fall victim to crime or circumstance.

Camu-Camu Pure – 6oz

May provide high levels of natural Vitamin C

One on One – Super Human Training

A personalized One on One Training covering Classes 1 thru 6.