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FREE (2) Palo Santo with any size shipped order!

Add this item to any purchase that you make during the month of March

A guide for superior dental health – (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Strengthen your enamel, Restore a healthy gumline and much more

Astro-Location Report – 2 Day Wait Time

Relocation - Wellness - Employment - Health
5 out of 5

Important Prostate Information for Men – (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Health, Wellness, Supplementation and Causes of Enlargement, Cancer

EVENT – June 5th & 6th, 2020 – The Journey of the Super-Humans (Session 6) – Sacramento, California

Experience the Super-Human Experience and Energy Center Activation at Mount Shasta!

Fitness and Meal Plan – (PDF Download)

2019 Version for Women & Men alike - Become healthier while reaching your personal goals!

EVENT – August 8th, 2020 – Learn to Heal Thyself (Class 101) – Chicago, IL

By Cosmic Demand, brought back into the light for health and wellness of the Community

Custom Herbal Elixirs – 30 Day Supply

Pill, Tea or Powder based formulations