We have Dedicated our lives to the Advancement of Humanity via Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

~ Tony Vortex

We are able to achieve this in many ways by:

* Helping to Reach Internal Balance *

** Teaching Peace of Mind **

*** Health of the Body ***

**** Innerstanding within Life ****

We help the Person, Family, Community (Tribe) become a better version of themselves.

For some in one way, for others in multiple.

This is part of what is called “raising your vibration.”

Raising ones vibration is achieved in a multitude of ways such as:

  • Making better health choices
  • Helping one navigate and correct not so good habits
  • Helping others go even deeper on their path via tools like meditation
  • Helping many bring out dormant gifts such as foresight, and other gifts passed on from their bloodline
  • Helping others be super-human/meta-human in physical, mental, and/or spiritual state
  • Providing useful information such as metaphysical content, articles and products such as herbs, magnetics, emf protection and more!



Our website demonstrates a multitude of ways to achieve that version of yourself that you envision, and if we help even just one person achieve this, then the website, podcast and classes have all been worth the effort. We have helped hundreds of people reach their best version of themselves and have made massive progress worldwide.

People from all over the country come to The Meta-Center to join in on spiritual pilgrimages, during these trying times.



Those on the pilgrimage, they seek to receive higher vibrational information to navigate through the future of the external world, internal world, and within the creator (Journey of the Super-Humans Session 6). They also seek to enhance a deeper connection to the source. This pilgrimage has left remarkable impressions on all participants, from all walks of life.


We help ease the burdens of many across the planet with the goal of helping people live happier, more connected lives. Your patronage helps us accomplish this – even if you’re not able to attend in the flesh! The reason why we are still here able to help serve the metaphysical, spiritual, and religious communities across the entire planet is because the work we do cannot be stopped. Our efforts travel across the world unmolested, and fill others with joy.


Even small amounts of creator driven information released on the public podcast help people navigate life and emotions during these trying times. It also helps them find solutions needed for what they may be experiencing within their individual worlds.

The Meta-Center Family has brought higher vibrations to many locations on our last pilgrimage (June 5-6th, 2020) that we were featured in the local newspaper.

As usual, many of our events are made public for you join in on the journey within self and source. The Cosmic Family that gathers along with you is only there as a catalyst for you… for me… for us…. together… to experience what we once were and what we can become.


~Tony Vortex