We have Dedicated our lives to the Advancement of Humanity via Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

~ Tony Vortex

We are able to achieve this in many ways by:

* Helping to Reach Internal Balance *

** Teaching Peace of Mind **

*** Health of the Body ***

**** Inner-Balance within Life ****

We help the Individual, Family, Community become the best version of themselves.

For some in one way, for others in multiple.

This is part of what is called “raising your vibration.”

Raising ones vibration is achieved in a multitude of ways such as:

  • Making better health choices
  • Helping one navigate and correct not so good habits
  • Helping others go even deeper on their path via tools like meditation
  • Helping many bring out dormant gifts such as foresight, and other gifts passed on from their bloodline
  • Helping others be super-human in physical, mental, and/or spiritual state
  • Providing useful information such as metaphysical content, articles and products such as herbs, magnetics, emf protection and more!



Our website demonstrates a multitude of ways to achieve that version of yourself that you envision, and if we help even just one person achieve this, then the website, podcast and classes have all been worth the effort.

We have helped thousands of people reach that best version of themselves which collectively has brought them into to changing the world as they realized that the journey starts with oneself.