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The Mind Configurator (Paperback)

Advanced instruction on how to Access and program your Subconscious Mind

Book I, Lesson’s (Paperback)

Lesson's concerning Karmic Release all the way through Manifesting via your Will

20/20 – Quantum Clarity within the Conscious Collective (Paperback)

A must have for those on a spiritual path or are metaphysically inclined

Sacrament of the Forest – The Path of a Forest Mage (Paperback)

The world is living and it has always had guardians at its secret places. Will you become one?

Compression (Paperback)

A Neophyte's Guide: Explaining the Mystical Energies of North and South America

Muwa – The Arch Enemy of the Empath (Paperback)

Tricks and Tips on those who want to control humanity and who stands in their way

An Alchemist Journey in Scent (Paperback)

A pilgrimage of self and scent

The Sacramentum – Companion Client Cards – Pack of (20)

Tap into the Universe/Creator on behalf of your clients, bringing forth the answers they seek