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About Dr. Delbert Blair

Our Beloved Dr. Delbert Blair – April of 2015

Dr. Delbert Blair is an engineer, research scientist, meta-physic teacher and historian of the highest level.  For over 50 years he has been the director of the Meta Center in Chicago since 1973, a former pastor of his own church and has lectured and answered questions in over 200 forums on various topics like: ‘The Facts & Myths about 2012’, ‘The 18th Dynasty of Egypt’, The Face of a Black Woman on the Pyramids of Mars’, ‘Our (2) Suns’, ‘Radiation in Hospitals’, ‘Cells from Hell: The Danger of Cell Phones & Other Energy Vampires’, ‘E.L.F. (Extra Low Frequency) Waves’, ‘Sexual Energy Dangers’, ‘The Dangers of Driving Cars and other Modes of Transportation’, ‘Melanin Wars’, ‘The Womb-Man’, ‘Why we should avoid Vaccines’, ‘Return of the Black Cosmic Forces’, ‘Applied Science of Meditation’, What are Diodes & How it can Help You’, ‘Homosexuality: What it is and What it Ain’t’ and much, much more.

Dr. Delbert Blair is a very informative presenter and this is why it is not hard to figure out why he was #1 on an unnamed hit list.  Dr. Blair has received many death threats; including being poisoned which resulted in his beloved wife’s untimely death.

The Great Dr. Delbert Blair has passed on the morning of 01/31/2016 at 8:43am. This Great man has awakened hundreds of thousands of people from around the world with his message. And in his memory we can all honor him by raising to our highest vibration internally, and expressing the highest thoughts externally.

This page will always stay up as a memorial to his life, what he has taught, the love he has shown to all of us.  And I shall do my best, with your help to carry those wise words into the future. As he was a participate in the great work not just a observer, I hope YOU will also participate in your way.  ~Tony

Please note:  Dr. Delbert Blair closed down the Meta-Center that he established over 40 years ago in June, 2015 (When he started having serious health related issues).  When we decided to come up with a name we decided to honor Dr. Blair by using a similar name and became the only authorized website by Dr. Delbert Blair himself to sell his goods and/or services as of August 15,2015.  Dr. Blair has not owned nor operated in any capacity The Meta-Center | Chicago.  The Meta-Center | Chicago is run by his close friend who many call his protege, Tony.


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