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Heirloom Herb & Vegetable Seeds

Heirloom Vegetable Garden Seeds – 21 Varieties

Organic - Locally Sourced - Non G.M.O.

Moringa Seeds -Organic – Raw – 40ct

May help with Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Support

Watermelon – Jubilee – Heirloom Seeds

Elongated, large oval fruit. Very sweet, deep-red flesh; very crisp.

Watermelon – Blacktail Mountain – Heirloom Seeds

The flesh is red and deliciously sweet. Fruit has a dark rind.

Moringa Seeds – Organic – Raw – 250 Seeds

May help with Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Support

Blue Curled Kale – Heirloom Seeds

Aside from an incredible host of health benefits, Blue Curled Scotch kale has a pleasant sweet and nutty kale flavor, and is perfect for kale chips.

Green Calaloo Amaranth – Heirloom Seeds

A popular green vegetable in many countries, including many Caribbean islands where this plant is famous for Calaloo Seafood Soup.

Mustard Greens – Heirloom Seeds

Large, upright plants with crumpled leaves that have a delicious mustard taste; slow to bolt and very easy to grow. An old heirloom from the Southern U.S. and makes a mighty swell mess of greens.
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SUPERthrive – Plant Vitamin & Hormone Supplement – 4oz

Super charge the growth of your Herbs, Fruits and Veggies

Wild Arugula – Heirloom Seeds

Reap the intense nutritional benefits of this wild green! Wild arugula is the perfect marriage of gourmet flavor and wild-foraged nutrient density.
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Herbal Medicine Seed Pack – 11 Varieties – Non G.M.O.

Medicinal & Culinary - Locally Sourced

Nero Di Toscana – Cabbage – Heirloom Seeds

This loose-leafed cabbage dates back to the early 1800s at least. It has beautiful, heavily savoyed, deep black-green leaves that can be 24 inches long.

Echinacea – Medicinal Herb – Heirloom Seeds

A purple wildflower well-known for its medicinal properties with numerous uses!

Lima Beans – Heirloom Seeds

Richly flavored, very large white beans have beautiful, dark red splashes. The long vines of this heirloom produce heavy yields, even in very hot weather.
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Melon – Heirloom Seeds

A mouth-watering delicacy from ancient times.

Oregano – Organic Seeds

The best oregano for culinary and medicinal use

Sunflower – Organic Seeds

Giant flowers on towering plants - Harvest hundreds of edible seeds

Lemon Squash – Heirloom Seeds

This squash is the shape, size and color of a lemon, it grows great with huge yields and the best resistance to insects we have seen in a summer squash.

Pineapple Tomato – Heirloom Seeds

The flavor is very sweet and fruity.

Lima Beans – Henderson Bush – Heirloom Seeds

Dwarf bush plants can be grown like regular bush beans. They produce very tasty, tender beans.

Dreaming Borage Flower – Heirloom Seeds

Cucumber-flavored fresh leaves are added to salads, cooked, or made into a cooling drink. The blue flowers are used as a garnish. Makes a good honey plant. Also used medicinally.

Cucumber – Heirloom Seeds

Superb taste, excellent for slicing or pickling; bears abundantly. A rare variety from Germany.