SOLD OUT – EVENT – Exploring the Lost City of Cahokia – June 15th, 2024


When: Saturday, June 15th

Where: Cahokia Mounds, located in Collinsville, IL

How: Round trip travel, from The Meta-Center to Cahokia and then back.  Approximately 3-hr 45-min driving one way. Total Travel time is approximately 7 1/2 hours

Why: To get a deeper innerstanding of the World and its People. This includes a guided tour from a expert on the Cahokia Mound Civilization.

Who: With Tony Vortex and other Meta-Center Members, Family, Friends, and new faces!

We will stop for rest breaks and to replenish ourselves (food) when needed.

Limited Seating!  Limited Seating!!  Limited Seating!!!

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