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The Mind Configurator (Paperback)

Advanced instruction on how to Access and program your Subconscious Mind

20/20 – Quantum Clarity within the Conscious Collective (Paperback)

A must have for those on a spiritual path or are metaphysically inclined

Book I, Lesson’s (Paperback)

Lesson's concerning Karmic Release all the way through Manifesting via your Will
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SOLD OUT – EVENT – August 8th, 2020 – Learn to Heal Thyself (Class 101) – Chicago, IL

By Cosmic Demand, brought back into the light for health and wellness of the Community

Sacrament of the Forest – The Path of a Forest Mage (Paperback)

The world is living and it has always had guardians at its secret places. Will you become one?
5 out of 5

Compression (Paperback)

A Neophyte's Guide: Explaining the Mystical Energies of North and South America

An Alchemist Journey in Scent (Paperback)

A pilgrimage of self and scent
5 out of 5

The Sacramentum – Companion Client Cards – Pack of (20)

Tap into the Universe/Creator on behalf of your clients, bringing forth the answers they seek