Greetings to Everyone around the World,

What we call Holidays (holy-days) are an interesting energetic form, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas here in the west.

During these specific days (more than other holidays), the hustle and bustle simmers down to minimum, with barely anyone outside and overall quietness.

Regardless if one celebrates these specific holy-days or not, it becomes a time where many find it easier to relax or to get those needed things done.

This is confirmed many times by the Schumann Resonance Scale which tends to show lower amounts of thought-form congestion, which is absolutely wonderful especially in the times we currently find ourselves in.

So, as one being to another, I hope that you can find the time to relax.  Rather this means a time to relax with friends and family or alone.

Please take this time to re-center and find internal balance as the work, external stress and hustle and bustle will be there waiting whenever you decide to jump back in.

As such, a vintage Dr. Delbert Blair interview has just been released from the archives just for you!  CLICK HERE to Listen.

I hope you enjoy!

Take care,


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