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Many of you send questions in and we take note of all of them.  Some get incorporated into future podcast, others in classes and so forth.  Well, we receive this question on a regular which is “How do I access my secret powers” or some variation of “Who do I have to pray to/sacrifice something to/give my energy to, to get my powers.”

As Tony is out of town until tomorrow (Tuesday) I sent this to him and this is the transcript of his response below.

A nice video version will be coming later today or tomorrow.

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First, the moment one starts to think outside of oneself, to give your energy to something external, one has already lost whatever this ‘power’ they think is residing within, hidden.  It doesn’t mean one can’t or won’t achieve certain feats.  It’s weirdo trickery of ones own mind tied to ‘belief’ and/or ‘faith’ in deity’s that is contradicted by the evidence of other people achieving the same or greater without that belief at all.

Second, if you have the obsession with praying to something external of you, it’s in your genetics.  Everyone does not have this obsession to pray to something external… this obsession with a messianic figure to appear and save them from something, or to give them permission to do it.

I’ve studied this extensively for years and have found the exact genetic line that does this, and this genetic line has mixed with a lot of the populace in varying dilutions.

It’s like in those documentaries you would see of when natives on a remote island are visited by modern day people coming by airplane.  Instead of seeing this person who came off the airplane as a ‘person’ who just came off of something which may be out of this world to comprehend.  In many of these cases they would pray to them, create effigies of them or of their devices etc., of these entities that have come to save them from the stars… and/or sent by God(s).

What is this nonsense and why?

Because guess what? There are tribes who DO NOT do this.  They see them as people just like the rest of us with just fantastic machines that follow their commands.  There’s a difference, know this difference.

Next, we know the moon waxes and wanes.  The moons changes causes tides to go low or high, this ALSO causes the tides within YOU to wax and wane.  These changes become noticeable and evident during a full moon even to those who are in a state of limbo.

People make comments such as people are acting ‘crazy’, like they have ‘lost it’, etc., almost as if the luna effects bring one into a state of lunacy.

Definition of Lunacy:

Women are affected quite a bit more than men concerning the luna cycles.  What is being effected are the waters within very specific areas of the brain.  This causes the fluid within these areas to wax and wane… meaning pushed and pulled in ways that can lead to visionary states, collective hallucinations which can be visual, audible, tactile or all 3 and more.  Men are affected to a lesser degree by this specifically, as their frontal lobe keeps them in the conscious mind which is effected more by the activity of the Sun.  Men are affected more by the Sun… Women more by the Moon.

This leads us to the next portion… Cosmic Water,

The wind blows around us, it seemingly comes from everywhere but no where.

You see birds flying in the sky as groups and they all on a pin drop dive and ascend, twist and turn.

Everything around us is waxing and waning.. pushing and pulling… coming closer and then taking a few steps back.  Like a dance… a Waltz.

The cosmic waters around us which for most are unseen, but for those who are sensitive enough it can be felt.  These waters… which can feel more like an energy lay over and above our plane of existence.

There are times in our existence where the energy is pushing towards us, which in itself would be difficult to detect but it can be seen in the manifestations it creates such as abundance in every sector of humanity, what humanity can think of it will have a higher chance to be. Think a golden age.

There are other times in our existence where the energy is pulling away from us, which for most would seem like lack, and despair… lack of creating, lack of opportunity etc.  But this isn’t true, because people in these times look at something pulling away as meaning having less of.  When the pulling always creates its own form of abundance. There is no lack.  Just perceived lack as the realm itself is doing nothing and always in balance.

Let me say this has NOTHING to do with the games being played by entities running countries and causing problems.  Many times they are NOT in alignment with the cosmic waters. Purposely and it’s purposeful.  To throw everyone off energetically.  If the realm is going up, they go down…. if they realm is going down, they go up.  If everyone is suppose to be quiet so all will see the celestial event sponsored by the heavenly host, they will have all being rambunctious and unaware.


You’re like a biscuit… an earth biscuit that has already been dipped into the cosmic waters. Regardless of what is done to your mind or your body, the waters still reside within which as a river already have a path.  These paths that are carved out within, would seem like pathways of light.

These pathways of light can become brighter or deem based on your activities as well as a few external factors.

The brighter the paths, the more evident your internal gifts will show without you even doing anything… they will manifest in your day to day life as you become brighter.  But if one strives for it… pushes for it to be in each quadrant of their life. then you’re creating purposeful intent.

This purposeful intent leads to you causing waxes and wanes within you.

Depending how strong these waxes and wanes happen around you, it affects the greater waters.

As all is one in the same.  As above so below.  As below so above.

How is this known you may ask?  How is this even possible?

Well for over 6 years during the Super Human Classes which were purposely created to show EXACTLY THIS with 100% proof of it in action.  To show you what is possible if certain techniques are done etc.  Because many who have attended the class have in their way. =)

Even though I am no longer teaching these specific classes in public spaces only private engagements we have an upcoming class in Atlanta where I will be showing you how to activate (if it’s not) your psychic abilities and for those who’re already activated ways to strengthen. With multiple experiments and group exercises.

As many have heard me say over the years… you can’t say no one was around trying to help those who are willing to help themselves.  Trying to show you if willing, the way the reality operates and so on and so forth.

This choice has always been yours.

And because many of you are making the correct choice for your existence as well as your families and friends, we are here!

We appreciate your continued patronage and always look forward to when the galactic family meets up once again in the flesh.

Below leave any comments or questions that you have and they will be answered at a future time.

Take care,


Tony Vortex
S.T.E.M. Researcher & Teacher | Healer - Tony is the Spiritual Son to the beloved Dr. Delbert Blair. At age 11 he began to study plant life and their healing mechanisms as it bothered him deeply to see so many older family members needlessly sick. Throughout the years he has been sharing what he knows so that others may live a life full of abundance while exploring its mysteries.

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    Amazing words of wisdom the metacenter family is so fulfilling my light gets brighter and brighter each day love my family

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