The Meta-Center’s philosophy is very simple, which is to help the individual become a better version of themselves also called “raising your vibration”.

This is achieved in a multitude of ways such as:


  1. Through better health choices,
  2. Through helping one navigate and correct not so good habits,
  3. Through helping those who are further along in their path to go even deeper via tools such as meditation,
  4. Through sometimes just being a listening ear,
  5. Through helping some become super-human/meta-human in physical, mental, and/or spiritual state,
  6. And lastly, by providing information such as metaphysical content, articles and products such as herbs, magnetics, emf protection and more,


On our website there are multitude of ways to achieve that version of yourself that you envision and if we help only one of you to achieve this then the website, the podcast and the classes have been worth the effort. And as such hundreds have confirmed being helped and massive progress has been made worldwide.

Did you know that Tony of The Meta-Center has been personally cooking food in his kitchen and serving it to the homeless of Chicago for almost 20 years?  This is nothing new to those who know him which is one of many reasons why Dr. Delbert Blair adored him.  Over the last few years others have even come out to assist in serving or preparing these meals such as Nate and Kim.  And of course many of you are with us as each scoop is put on a plate due to your continued patronage.

Tony not only does the above but he has on many occasions supplied computers/technology to children/teens who had no other way of getting access to the basics of technology in these times let alone to do school work.  To help others has been his values since he was a child/teen himself and as such shows this on a daily basis.

He does this without a picture being taken, or to receive accolades so he may be on top of the world.  No, he does it because it is the correct thing to do and as such will continue to do so for all his days without anyone in viewing sight.  I had to even ask him to put this on the website because he stated “why?  Those who see have seen and to those that give merit to such activities watch to see if it is done as a pure act.  So it’s not needed.”   This is similar to what he stated concerning pictures being taken as he was giving out upwards of 100 computers to the children of Ford Heights, IL.  He stated “Why?  I’m good on all of that, those who know, know.”  But he did in the end allow a few pictures in which he has shown during the super-human classes.

Balancing and bringing light to ones internal world so one may share the shine of their uniqueness in thee external.  A micro reflection of the macro or as above so below.


And so it is.


Testimonials can be found HERE


A few of Tony’s titles can be found below.

Class – Business Kungfu – Audio

Bring your business from the spiritual/idea realm into reality

20/20 – Quantum Clarity within the Conscious Collective (Paperback)

A must have for those on a spiritual path or are metaphysically inclined

Book I, Lesson’s (Paperback)

Lesson's concerning Karmic Release all the way through Manifesting via your Will

Compression (Paperback)

A Neophyte's Guide: Explaining the Mystical Energies of North and South America

The Mind Configurator (Paperback)

Advanced instruction on how to Access and program your Subconscious Mind

Sacrament of the Forest – The Path of a Forest Mage (Paperback)

The world is living and it has always had guardians at its secret places. Will you become one?