There are neurons in both the heart and the GI tract. Besides neurons the GI tract is also filled with serotonin receptors and in fact it makes most of the body’s serotonin. We aren’t just a brain in an inert jar, our body is very much a vital part of our conscious experience of reality.

There is an implied undercurrent in a lot of spiritual and esoteric traditions that it is the unity of the brain mind and the body mind that is required for true spiritual growth. There’s an implication that the mind of the brain has incorrectly made itself the go to (the ego) and has subjugated or completely ignored the existence of the body mind.

This is why so many spiritual and esoteric practices, from zen meditation to the shamanic practices of indigenous cultures to the ornate rituals of the western esoteric traditions, focus on quieting, controlling, or confusing the cognitive logical thought based mind of the brain to get us in tune with the emotional imaginal somatic brain of the body.

Intuitively we recognize this disconnect.

We talk about needing to listen to our body or needing to be in the moment, which is just another way of saying being present with our body rather than lost in cognition. We know the mental fog that descends on us after eating a too large meal or while we are sick. But the brain doesn’t like to give up control and we like to listen to the brain, so we shove this intuitive knowledge deep down, ignore all the things our body tells us, and then wonder why we feel like crap. Sometimes when you feel like this it’s simply your body saying “I exist!”

As has been mentioned many times on the podcast ‘pure humans’ should be eating plants only.  This has nothing to do with the current trends of veganism fruitarian or being a so called breatharian… ohh no.  But decades of research of the mind, body, soul, Creator connection and what strengthens this connection and what makes it weaker.  When one eats anything other than plants… i.e. animals you’re injecting into your DNA the attributes (awareness) of the DNA of the entity that you just consumed.

Now in these trying times, many have to do what they have to do (Not including the substandard fruits/veggies produced anyhow) and the body has a wonderful way of trans-mutating the negative and making it positive (or at least somewhat positive).

Most importantly the ingesting of foreign material that the body shouldn’t have changes the chemistry of your ‘gut’. The microbiome to be exact.

And let’s not get into this world wide push for everyone to consume some form of psychedelic to open their ‘awareness’ when in many cases it actually changes (for the worst) the pattern, frequency, and some times even the alignment of your neurotransmitters, transmitting. Making many aloof, disconnected, disassociate, which allows one to be easier controlled and influenced breaking down your natural ability to ‘resist’ spiritual attacks/influence (part of the gift). This includes the ‘chemical non-natural marijuana’ sold all across the world. <— most didn’t and don’t know this.  Yes… what you’re buying from your local dispensary or from your favorite ‘herbal’ supplier is what I call chemical weed.  It looks NOTHING like the natural marijuana that is grown in nature (wild) across the planet.

Come out and join in on the various ways we study oneness, with ourselves and those around us.

We thank you for your continued patronage which allows us to continue to put out what matters so those on ‘the path’ can benefit, grow, and protect themselves against the ‘Muwa‘.

Let us now meditate,


Tony Vortex
is the Spiritual Son to the beloved Dr. Delbert Blair. Tony states: "It's all about the vortexian spin."

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