As more people begin to look internally for answers or just to self reflect, take note of the following; 


Some people have chosen unorthodox or unconventional paths in life.

Some people don’t care about making tons of money or working in an elite job.

Some people have decided that their potential would be used better in a field you might not expect.

Some people prefer a quiet life.

Some people earn less than they could and are completely fine with it.

Some people prefer job security over a high powered career.

Your bartender could have a genius level IQ.

Your doctor could have an average intelligence.

Both are fulfilling a purpose and contributing to society in different ways.

Your carpenter could have a doctorate level of knowledge about 15th century poetry.

Your accountant could be clueless about anything outside accounting.

Do not assume too much about people’s character or abilities based on the job they occupy, the schools they went to, the letters after their name, or how much they earn.

Give equal respect to everyone, especially if you haven’t gotten to know them.


Long story short, do not judge books by their covers because a life earned lesson or just meeting someone who may become a friend on this road called life, may be missed.


Till next time, 


Be Well, 




Image Source: Dietmar RabichDülmen, Naturschutzgebiet -Am Enteborn- — 2014 — 0202CC BY-SA 4.0

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