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Positive emanations create positive manifestations. 

One more time for those in the back…

Positive emanations create positive manifestations. 


As of today’s date I have done over 800 spiritual, health and wellness, and technology based consultations over the years and know what this has shown?


That NEGATIVE Emanations create Negative Manifestations.  And not only those manifestations of mind, but the actions brought out from these negative minds adds a multiplier to this negative force generator. 




Positive emanations create positive manifestations.


Not just saying it thru words and not just ‘hoping’ but doing experiments with the willing participants of these many consultations that if one does specific positive emanations it creates positive manifestations of mind, BUT, this must be concentrated on and put forth into physicality so that the multiplier can come into effect. 


Due to who holds the golden orb, the negative seems to progress faster as if going downhill and the positive seems to progress slower as if going uphill.  But this does not negate the fact that it indeed works, can be repeated, has shown actual results time and time again and the world needs to see much more of this.


As an example of this and something tangible that one can use as a base is below,


Where to start?  Get Book I – Lessons.  Written years ago it is more important than ever.


The first lesson deals with releasing karmic baggage.  The lesson itself does not require much other than a willingness to vibrate higher BUT it has been said hundreds of times over that it is the hardest to do.  When one does this lesson many find instant relief and find themselves highly emotional, crying randomly (men and women) NOT because they’re sad, but because a weight has been released and they’re over joyed.


Sometimes in consultations a client will say “BUT I DID THAT BEFORE SO I DON’T NEED TO DO IT!”  But what they’re suffering from is literally that from which they claim they have done.  It’s like one who is notably thirsty, mouth dryer than the Sahara and when I say here is some water, they say “BUT I DID THAT BEFORE!” when it is obvious IF they did, it wasn’t in a way to quench the thirst they obviously have.


Other Lesson’s get into strengthening your heart (internal peace), Guarding your mind (protecting it from negative intrusions/demons)… and further lessons deal with manifesting by literally doing experiments in which the results are self evident.  They are repeatable, and clear.


So I will end on this: 

Positive emanations create positive manifestations. 


We’re not still here serving the spiritual/religious/metaphysical community by chance. 




Tony Vortex
is the Spiritual Son to the beloved Dr. Delbert Blair. Tony states: "It's all about the vortexian spin."

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