The vibration of the earth is rising. 2012 prophecy was really 2020/2021.


The vibration (Schumann resonance & Updates of it daily here) has been steadily going upward for the last few months. The wicked and low vibration elite and their cohorts can’t take it. Hence running underground, hence bombarding us with lies.


I tried to assist many in this change by bringing out a specific book, Book I – Lessons (and many others).  Remember on the podcast for years I’ve been saying constantly you need to get rid of that darkness/baggage/karma… Remember? Well we were specifically in ‘the know’ and part of the reason why we’ve been doing the Super Human Experience Events.

And don’t let me add all the years Dr. Delbert Blair has been telling people the earth is going from the 3rd dimension to the 5th Dimension.  Were you listening AND doing the proper steps to achieve the connection and matching of the vibrations?


More than ever these negative host that have demonic entities entombed carrying out Solomon’s work have been bombarding us with lies when more videos are coming out factually showing the opposite of what their lies are saying.  Thee Elect (Super Humans, Meta Humans, X-men, X-Women, etc..) know.

Bombarding the online forums and targeting anyone who post videos showing empty hospitals with staff just standing around but they keep saying there’s really crowds in the video that we just don’t see.

Their world is actually falling, the earth is rising higher in vibration to shake off the viruses (certain people/entities).


Either you match where the earth is going vibrationally OR you shall perish just like the rest.


It’s not personal, just vibration/energy.  


Some examples of this is the city of New Orleans and many others that house an over abundance of negative entities.  We have personally heard of some and know of others who are going through it because of their wickedness and schemes they put forth.  Negative witchery. 

Another example is all these people who can’t deal with just chilling at home being within themselves at this time.  They’re going crazy not being able to flaunt their perceived ‘money’ or ‘wealth’ (That Bag, Getting the Bag, and one’s only concern should be THE BAG!) acting as if they’re being motivational but really is an underhanded way of saying that they’re better (more blessed) than others.

And lastly (but there are 1000s more examples out there), all these supposed ‘stars’ (more so fallen stars) who keep getting on social media (during the last few days) doing ludicrous, asinine, and frankly quite disrespectful buffoonery, thinking it’s cool and ‘hip’ but really it is nothing more than sad.


APRIL 4TH, 2020 – will see an alignment with Jupiter and Pluto among other celestial bodies, in Capricorn. The last 4 days… Ears ringing? Just relax and let the “upload” complete. Note times of any physical or cerebral anomalous moments. Be mindful. Be kind. Let go of the programming of angst and instant gratification. Of material and wealth concerns. Just reenter, recharge and rebuild your family and communities bonds. Wave. Say hi. Smile. It all matters on a level that hasn’t been disclosed. Good and light. Vibrations up and energy minded.


I get calls multiple times a week asking “how are you so cool headed… why even in the most craziness of times (like now), you’re mellow and speak calmness” etc.  Of course I meditate all day every day.. but in them needing to know, I say ‘come to a class‘!  Then you will be in the know as well. 


That’s when they go back to doing what they were doing, which has them nervous, afraid, and apprehensive. Just like how now many are buying up everything when these items have been available for years to help protect them.  The same is with one’s internal state.   


These tools will NOT be around forever. 






P.S., the earth is going to be here, and people are going to be here.  It’s just that many need to realign and put forth the energy that breeds LIFE and not DEATH.  As such those who continue to do activities that bring forth death will find themselves in time, not needed. 

Tony Vortex
S.T.E.M. Researcher & Teacher | Healer - Tony is the Spiritual Son to the beloved Dr. Delbert Blair. At age 11 he began to study plant life and their healing mechanisms as it bothered him deeply to see so many older family members needlessly sick. Throughout the years he has been sharing what he knows so that others may live a life full of abundance while exploring its mysteries.

6 thoughts on “Planetary Realignment Incoming – The Vibration of the Earth is rising!

  1. Taylor says:

    I can’t agree more with the above comments. Dr Blair would be proud of you Tony. Keep the flame alive like in the Olympics. Much luv brutha

  2. Barbara says:

    Dr. Delbert Blair speaks once again through you brother.
    We Truly appreciate how you’ve taken that torch, and running like Black Lightning!!!
    We hear you loud and clear!!
    We look forward to everything you bring to the table.
    Thank you for your excellence!!!
    Creator Bless.

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