Greetings Everyone, 


A late night conversational piece for those elevated beings on this plane who are observing and are in bewilderment that indeed since January 1st, 2020, it’s like the world has changed and is changing.


Be you.


A few hours ago I was having a conversation with a Meta-Center patron, friend and spiritual in-tune being about various topics which includes the topic of this post over the span of 2 hours.  As we were conversing and analyzing the quantum mechanics within the cube and that clarity means many things in this hyper-dimensional space.  More so now than any other time in recent history I would say…


Be you.


We spoke on the topic of expression and what it means to do just that.  Of course, the beings who are taking the time to read this know and understand that there are many types of expression and people express differently.


Extroverts – typically express by being in front of an audience of some sort.  This includes, movies, tv, theater, youtube, instagram videos/stories, facebook videos/stories, pictures of themselves (starts to go into ego territory tho), etc.


Introverts – typically express by forms of silent and/or non-verbal based acts.  This includes plays (as the writer), painting, writing, podcasts (no visuals), books, pictures of places and things (not themselves), etc.


The Infected aka The Borg – can be male or female, introverts or extroverts.  But typically are extroverts who try to get extroverts AND introverts to conform to some vision of what they feel this person should be, or should be doing, and if you do not convert into this, they will say you’re weird, strange, somethings wrong with you, etc.  


Be you.


Let us go through a checklist together as a theme of which one could say a person is doing what they’re suppose to: 


You take care of yourself without being a burden to others ✅

You take care and/or help family if need be (not being taken advantage of though) ✅

You take care and/or help friend(s) if need be (not being taken advantage of though) ✅

You’re not judgmental ✅

You’re mentally stable (in the true sense of the word, no back bitting, hating, jealousy, envy, etc.) ✅

You’re upfront and honest ✅ 

You accept others rather they’re extrovert, introvert, male, female, light skinned, dark skinned, long hair, short hair, party animal or cosmic reader ✅

You are balanced in your actions, not jumping to conclusions nor acting stagnant ✅


Can we agree that if a person was just those few things above, that they would be a good candidate to befriend?  


If the answer to my question is yes…


Be you.


The infected, or the borg, will always try to make those around them conform to what they currently believe or what the current ‘feeling’ may be.  They also will chastise you for not being what they perceive you should be.  By the way, their perceptions could be and often are completely wrong.


Be you.


You’re a blessing in the true sense.  We know the world is going through its cycles, but that doesn’t mean you have to.


Be you.


Even in the most stressful of times when it may be easier if you were to change who you are, to be someone that you’re not, to conform to the wishes of people who in the end, do not care about you.


Be you.


As many of you have listened to the 20/20 podcast and/or purchased the 20/20 book you first hand know that clarity means much more than just clear vision.  Than just seeing things clearly.

Just as a coin has two sides so does ‘clarity’ and be on guard and watch with clear vision for those who will be easy to see by the amount of hubris and arrogance that will be displayed.  IF you thought the ego was in its final form, you have no idea.  You may have always been open and willing to help, but will be treated as if you were the enemy all along.


But in saying this…


Be you.


Do not change who you are or who you’re destined to be.  Stay on your path and keep focusing forward, forever forward never looking back.  If factually, actually, and without doubt you’re operating how you should regardless of not being a perfect human.  That is fine.


Be you.


If you needed someone to say this to you, to say that you can take the chains off… that you can sit silent and within non-judgement… that you can love and be loved without being in love…


I’m saying it to you, 


Be you.


You will be okay.  This world currently is trying it’s best to convince those in the ‘know’ that they are alone, that your place is not already secured.  This understandably makes people doubt, worry, and stress.


I’m telling you as one who has seen the observable and non-observable, who has been open to communicate but not communicated with, who has traveled far distances and yet just wanted to be home, who has seen those who make up and act on the diabolical intentions within their own minds but project it outward, one who has made the most interesting and unexpected friends on this journey of life and who has seen what has come before and what comes after and in all of that I say to you…


Be you.



Tony Vortex
S.T.E.M. Researcher & Teacher | Healer - Tony is the Spiritual Son to the beloved Dr. Delbert Blair. At age 11 he began to study plant life and their healing mechanisms as it bothered him deeply to see so many older family members needlessly sick. Throughout the years he has been sharing what he knows so that others may live a life full of abundance while exploring its mysteries.

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