There is no Truth until you decide, What Truth is...

~Dr. Delbert Blair

Born Day - February 13th

Dr. Delbert Blair Radio

Airing 24/7 from The Meta-Center at the Chicago Vortex

Dr. Delbert Blair is an engineer, research scientist, metaphysics teacher and a historian of the highest level.  For over 50 years he was the director of The Meta-Center in Chicago (since 1973), a former pastor of his own church and has lectured and answered questions in over 200 forums on various topics such as: ‘The Facts & Myths about 2012’, ‘The 18th Dynasty of Egypt’, ‘Our (2) Suns’, ‘Radiation in Hospitals’, ‘Cells from Hell: The Danger of Cell Phones & Other Energy Vampires’, ‘E.L.F. (Extra Low Frequency) Waves’, ‘Sexual Energy Dangers’, ‘The Dangers of Driving Cars and other Modes of Transportation’, ‘Applied Science of Meditation’ and much  more.

The Dr. Delbert Blair has passed on the morning of 01/31/2016 at 8:43am. This Great man has awakened hundreds of thousands of people from around the world with his message. And in his memory we can all honor him by raising to our highest vibration internally, and expressing the highest thoughts externally.

This page will always stay up as a memorial to his life, what he has taught, the love he has shown to all of us.  And I shall do my best, with your help to carry those wise words into the future. As he was a participate in the great work not just a observer, I hope YOU will also participate in your way.  ~Tony

Please note:  Dr. Delbert Blair closed down the Meta-Center that he established over 50 years ago in June, 2015 (When he started having serious health related issues).  We reopened to honor Dr. Blair and became the only authorized website in writing by Dr. Delbert Blair himself to sell his goods and/or services as of August 15,2015.

The Meta-Center is run by his student, Tony Vortex, whom he called his God Son. The community considers him Dr. Blair’s protege who reopened The Meta-Center and continues the community work that has been going on for over 50 years.

Listen below as  Dr. Delbert Blair shares how he felt about Tony, his protege` and spiritual son.

15 thoughts on “About Dr. Delbert Blair

  1. karrenatcarlyon says:

    I started my journey to search for truths as I was unable to continue the path I was raised in. I just found Dr. Delbert Blair 1 week ago. I have been listening non-stop. I am grieved that he is not on the earth with us still teaching, but he is on to his next assignment, I am sure. I wish to meet you face to face, sir when I might be allowed that honor. I will continue to learn through your calling and service to us! Thank you honorable, sir!!!

  2. Susie Kendrick says:

    I have listened to his lectures he talked about some very interesting subjects
    Bout what going on in the world today, I’m glad I found out bout him

  3. Diane says:

    I’ve learned so much from his videos. Thank You for Sharing as I shall share the videos I watch as well. Gone but still here, Long live his precious memories ❤😇

  4. Cherylanne says:

    How I wish I’d known him! Even to have attended one of his lectures would have been wonderful but instead of regret, I feel enlightened and grateful that today: June 27,2021, I feel I made his acquaintance! I enjoyed several of his talks here online and jotted down notes and I feel compelled to further research his teachings! There are no coincidences and I know that this experience is a definite part of my spiritual journey. I am humbled
    and excited and full of wonder. Rest In Peace and Power Dr. Blair!

  5. Michael B says:

    I established a relationship with. Dr. Blair in the last year of his life. I would sometimes just call him to see how he was doing,and talk hockey with him,he loved his hockey. I appreciate all he did and taught and his impact will live on forever. Rest in power.

  6. levodge.spotson says:

    I found him later on in my journey yet am appreciative of all the hard work and teachings that give us here in this realm !

  7. Asra'el Krishna says:

    visiting Hyde Park in Chicago…with lecture/student memories of Dr. Delbert Blair (for me since 1996). I have appreciated the great awakenings over the years, and acknowledge the importance that The Meta/Center has served over the years. Sincerely, Asra’el Krishna

  8. Pamela P. says:

    Prior to today I was unaware of Dr. Blair. I’ve always had a deep curiosity of knowing self, history, truth and how many if not all things physical and spiritual, have a connection. A friend of mine on FB shared a you tube video, I tuned in. I was at work, so it was stop and go, but I listened to video on the ride home. I can’t put my finger on it, but the high vibrations, the happiness of being informed just had me. I suffer from major depression and that within itself is a handful, just to imagine if I could feel such a high sense of self on a regular basis. Perhaps the key isn’t in the medication being pushed?? I’m sorry this is a long book, but I felt a sense to share. All I can say is wow. And to whomever whatever source guided my finger to open that you tube video, I thank you. I love research, I love educating myself.
    In much respect to Dr. Blair

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