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I mentioned in the previous post how since the Meta-Center facilities are now operational many classes, workshops and more will be starting up if they haven’t already.

Well one of these is our investigations into the strange and unusual. We will be investigating not only well known entities such as

These monthly gatherings are not only to explore cases and entities but to provide training for those who would like to collect ‘data’ out in the field on behalf of The Meta-Center.  This includes investigation techniques, tools, and more. 

Speaking to witnesses of the strange or getting a first hand experience into the unusual which may include portals into other dimensions.

Some of these will be streamed on our youtube channel but you’ll want to be physically present at The Meta-Center.

Meetings will be typically 1-2 hours in length on the last Saturday of every Month.

Interested in coming to a meeting?  Signup HERE.

Do you want to become an Investigator?  Let us know HERE

Check out the Anonmaly Map HERE

Got something to report?  Report it HERE

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