Greetings Everyone,

Dr. Blair didn’t have a lot of instruction as he approached his ascension, he mostly left it up to Tony to decide as he trusted his awareness and love for humanity.  

But Dr. Blair was concerned immensely about his lectures and classes as those who stole from him, caused a lot of stress in his last days.

He left it up to Tony to determine exactly when some should be released but he had some very specific criteria that hopefully have occurred before hand.  List is not in any particular order:

  1. Those who were stealing from him either stop completely or compensate The Meta-Center in some agreeable way so we may continue on the work set forth. (*** Most are in some form of agreement and have stopped completely, as they’ve heard Dr. Blair himself state the level of stress it was causing.  A few still linger but we’re working on it behind the scenes.  We ask that you do not support them.)
  2. Humanity has ascended to a level where certain private lectures/classes can be released as deeper introspective contemplation is more so the norm.
  3. Or, Humanity has descended into unfortunate spaces that only certain high level truths will bring light into that darkness.
  4.  Or, Due to certain levels of support, 1-3 just doesn’t matter and they can all just be released on a schedule.
  5. And a few more that shall remain private at this time.

Some of you wouldn’t believe that after Tony mentioned the aforementioned wishes of Dr. Blair occasionally on podcast etc., some would still ask him to: “just release them and stop holding back!” or some form of disregarding the Elders wishes as they no longer matter.

I guess this is why Dr. Blair had such a love toward Tony as he knew he wouldn’t be moved by motive or the perceived profit.


We’re coming to the end of Phase 2 in global operations and Phase 3 will begin in a few months.

We THANK ALL OF YOU for your continued patronage, patience and internal work toward balance.

As such please let us know which Lecture/Class you would be interested in hearing! This is a large list and there are quite a bit more to still catalog and/or repair.

Be well,



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