Greetings Everyone,

I hope everyone is in balance or striving toward it.

So…  Many of you have been supporters in many ways for years.

Which consisted of shopping for your families wellness needs, coming out to the various events and/or donating toward the many projects that have been a complete success such as when we sent equipment into the upper stratosphere (35 miles above us).

In many of these instances many of you have reached out wanting to be part of the journey.  Rather it’s the research team, helping to create/modify the equipment needed for these journeys or lending your expertise.

Also, during these many years we have hired many of you to help out with managing of our different platforms and to bring forth balanced thought-forms within your spaces across the realm rather it be in Zimbabwe or all the way to the America’s.

Well, The Meta-Center has a collaboration platform that started out light as our needs and the communities weren’t as intense but as the years went on we added many more features and abilities so we can share and create no matter where any of us may be in the realm.

Well now we are opening it up for those who are interested to be part of future research opportunities, projects, events etc., well ahead of the curve.  You will not only be cherished within The Meta-Center community for your thought forms but it may lead to even grander opportunities.

It does not matter if you don’t know anything about researching.  Also, it’s great if you do have experience in the traditional research methodologies .  But as many of you know Dr. Blair & myself are far from traditional researchers and as such it will add to your arsenal of skills.

Before we can research the most fascinating topics together, we all need to be on the same page.  So, we will share, practice and create, step by step… learning together.

Many of you have been requesting for years, finally it is here in phase 2.

If interested just CLICK HERE to let us know.  Include your full name. 

I’ll then schedule a zoom call and email everyone so you can learn how to access the platform and about the many features it has so there’s no confusion.

*** Please note, many of you already know about the platform because you are either part of the various classes such as Herbology, or are a contractor.  You don’t need to reply as you’ll automatically receive the call information.

Take care,



The Meta Center now has an app!

You can download the Android app HERE

Apple (iOS) app coming soon!

This wouldn’t be possible without your continued support and positive thought forms!

More phase 2 releases are being worked on behind the scenes for you, for us, to collectively explore, share and create.

Thank YOU!

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