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We’ve been back from Atlanta, GA now a few weeks and still feeling a high from the high energy and the collective atmosphere that resonated togetherness over a 2 day affair.

On Friday, September 23rd we had a hike up Stone Mountain where we meditated for over an hour, releasing burdens and embracing the oneness within.  The sun was shining bright as ever on our faces and the clear skies agreed wholeheartedly. Those who were able attended and it was a pleasure seeing everyone!

Saturday, September 24th, was the Psychic Ability and Remote Viewing Training which was the main event of the weekend.  A packed class filled with many who have only been supporters virtually.  To see everyone present, you felt the feeling of this was not the first time this has happened resonating throughout.

Elders down to the younglings, spanning the hues of the realm, enjoying the strange and unusual which exist in such a class.

My heart still tingles with the feelings of joy and as such have been working on a powerful thought-form to spring forth in the future, for you.

Check out the video below as even more is being worked on for a collective upgrade.

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Now let’s meditate on Stone Mountain together.


2 thoughts on “Atlanta, GA – Stone Mountain Meditation & Remote Viewing Class

  1. Crystal says:


    Long time supporter, but first time actually finding the time to come to a class.

    I traveled from Canada to take part in this class. It was my first time visiting the USA and the first time I’ve ever experienced such a class like this. The day before I was with Tony and the many others hiking up Stone Mountain and I have to say, Tony looks very young for his age…, much younger than I would’ve ever thought which shows what he suggest to us, he does himself. His skin glows, literally.

    Also it is evident that the many that are around him actually love him. Not like as a master of control that is all knowing, but as a friend, a family member.

    It is quite obvious and a joy to see.

    I look forward to when he is finished with this “data” (as he would say) as I know the revelations for all of us will be awesome.

    Blessing to everyone!

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