Greetings Everyone,

Because of your continued patronage we hired more staff directly from the Metaphysical Community to help in our facilities to process and pack orders as well as to delivery orders to the elderly/handicapped locally here in Chicago.

These were people that put in applications and/or submitted resumes and/or just sent in long emails detailing their skills and how they appreciate what we do and stand for and if any openings ever come about then please consider them.

Well tons have done that so when openings happen we just start calling as is first come first served.

Orders are being pumped out much faster and now even more various projects to help the community move forward have been initiated.

We have a few more hires in the works which are:

  • Machine Learning – You will work with Tony on upgrading our in-house A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) ATOM (You seen him on the podcast), this is a 70k+ salary position.  You will not only be exposed to computational algorithms that are not the norm but you’ll see first hand how metaphysics translates to an artificial mind.

  • Engineer I – You will work with Tony on some of the various projects coming down the pipes, this is contract based and is 1 year+.  Projects include everything from farming mechanisms to deeper space research (Footage is on our youtube channel).

  • Customer Concierge – Facilities processing, packing, delivery.  You’re the glue that keeps it all running.

  • Various Online Projects – Many projects we do, and services we need are done by people like you all over the world.  Literally.  As you see these projects appear, don’t be afraid to apply as most of our positions are virtual and have been for years.

A thank you to all of YOU as we are appreciative of the communities positive thought-forms, prayers, meditations, non-weirdness, focus, patronage, donations, strength, protection (literally, you know who you are) and understanding knowing what we stand for and that we are here for you and because of YOU.

~The Meta-Center


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