Greetings Everyone,


Rather you are a client, customer, acolyte or adept we have all entered into this symbolic new year.


A standing ovation to all of you have did not break down in 2020, who actually became STRONGER, WISER, and more OBSERVANT.


In the higher planes it is being noticed, and songs are beginning to be sung in your name.


Continue to move in silence, continue to be the best version of yourself rather in the organic sleeve of a Man or Woman and continue to out maneuver the Muwa.


A general message to all this year would be to push forward, doing the correct thing… not your thing, not this persons across the street thing, but the CORRECT thing to bring forth a better reality.


May not be easy, and may indeed take quite a bit of time… but this is the reason why songs are beginning to be sung anyhow… because it’s the path less traveled.  The path that isn’t easy.


Also, just a fyi, we’re working on some unique research to bring balance.  If you, or someone you know experience any of the following, Multiple Personalities ( so called disorder), Schizophrenia, Legitimately Hears Spirits, has a Spirit Team that you or they consult with all times of the day etc….. have them CONTACT US to potentially be part of our latest project which will benefit all Empaths and Higher Vibrating beings world wide.


On another note, we did a 3 hour podcast a few days ago which parts are still being enhanced and put back on youtube in segments for easier assimilation.


Enjoy two of the most recent uploaded segments below, more segments to come.

Podcast: A Year in Review – Segment: Love


Podcast: A Year in Review – Segment: All Debts Must be Paid


Be well,



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