If you attended this online class or attended the Super-Human Class on June 9th, 2018 then this purchase is only $10.

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If you answer yes to any of the below then this class is for you:

  • I have had mental/emotional trauma in my life that is unresolved
  • I have unresolved relationship and/or parental issues that affect me mentally
  • I wasn’t able to express myself throughout my life (childhood/adulthood)
  • I have a gift that I forgot
  • I have a gift that I buried so deep within my mind I need help to bring it out
  • I know my gift, but I want to make it stronger
  • I want to create a bridge between my conscious and subconscious mind for fluidity of thoughts/actions/observerations
  • I want to increase the frequency of correspondence within my life

If you think physical world activities such as job or a degree have anything to do with internal advancement or is a reflection of internal advancement that would be a mistake.  We have entered the 5th Age and as such tools are now available for literal advancement in correspondence between the universe and humanity. Restructuring the DNA from the subconscious level #superhumans.  If you have no idea how or even worse you have no idea what I’m talking about then this class is even more so for you.

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