Curated by a 25+ year Herbalist - May Dramatically Increase Breast Size, Milk Production and/or Buttocks
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‘My Beautiful Curves’ Growth Contest: 


The one winner with the most dramatic growth/size increase will win a $250 visa gift card!  Yes, that’s right, just for you doing what you’re doing anyway you could potentially win a $250 visa gift card. 

Contest will go from 02/01/2020 until 12/01/2020


  1. Must be 18 years of age and older
  2. Must take before measurements and full body pictures (with tight clothes or bikini on – light colored fabric) of sides and front/back view (pictures are from neck down)
  3. Pictures must be taken monthly along with measurements and submitted to us
  4. Must provide proof of purchase (which we would have anyway so no need) of your monthly purchase of beautiful curves tea
  5. Must drink tea as stated 3 times daily every day
  6. If you want to push your growth faster book a consultation HERE
  7. Winner will be announced Wednesday, December 2nd & showing the dramatic changes on website along with the results of others. 
  8. All other participants who did not win but qualified will receive (2) free bottles of ‘My Beautiful Curves’ Tea


Yes, we are that confident in the dramatic changes that are taking effect amongst women across the planet who all love this tea that we are willing, ready, and happy to give away a $250 visa gift card!

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