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Consciousness Travels Faster than the Speed of Light

By: Sean McCleary

I do work in evolutionary cosmology and a primary area of my focus is on incorporating consciousness into the physical aspects of the universe; to formulate important conclusions on the advancements of science. I have recently found through my work that what does travel faster than the speed of light is the evolutionary development of consciousness. The reason that this is important is because living organisms experience death on planet Earth and a lot of my work involves what happens beyond the scope of this experience. What does happen is living organisms transfer into the next stage of evolutionary development which is into the Whirlpool galaxy located in the 5th dimension of existence. When I speak of a dimension what I am referring to is another location in existence where consciousness experiences life in a different reality due to different variables in time and space. This has to do with how the Higgs field interacts with life in different locations in the universe. The Higgs field is the most powerful concentration of energy in the universe; and is the most powerful aspect of Universal Consciousness. The reason I mention the Whirlpool galaxy is the picture that was taken by the Hubble telescope of the core of the Whirlpool galaxy with the light and the formation of the cross.

This universe has a very powerful consciousness and this consciousness is everywhere. The reason is this universe is a concept and had to be conceptualized for the purpose of intelligent design because infinity is contained within the structure of the universe. An easy way to understand this is if you think about existing forever this requires energy on your part and produces a feeling of elation and relief; because you experience this level of comfort this is the evolutionary development of consciousness; because consciousness is meant to exist forever. This universe is contained within another embodiment of consciousness and energy I like to call Infinite Consciousness. This universe has to get evolutionary support; therefore nothingness cannot exist beyond the realm of the universal structure. Consciousness and energy is absorbed by this universe from Infinite Consciousness and distributed within this universe causing evolutionary development to occur with matter and energy.

What Infinite Consciousness contains is consciousness and pure dark energy and pure light energy. Pure dark energy is consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Pure light energy is consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. There is no subatomic activity contained within Infinite Consciousness and this is where the dark and the light for this universe come from originally. When this universe was introduced what happened was Infinite Consciousness combined the two different frequencies together with a design concept within itself to create the formation of another life source. This is actually how reproductive activity transferred into planet Earth’s environment. The first subatomic particle was introduced which was the Higgs boson. Time was then introduced into the formation of the universe with the introduction of matter and evolutionary development. More consciousness and energy with evolutionary development was introduced into the formation. This caused an accumulation of pressure due to the mixture of frequencies and evolutionary development.

The mixture became more powerful and due to the frequency levels changing because of pressure, time and different concentrations of light and dark energy more subatomic particles were produced. Because of the powerful change that this consciousness was going through, a very powerful resistance to change was occurring within the mixture. This resistance came from this consciousness wanting to remain in the same original state of existence. This produced a very powerful level of energy with an opposite charge; and antimatter was accumulating within the formation by the introduction of subatomic particles out of the frequencies that carried this charge. Infinite Consciousness was transferring more consciousness and pure dark energy and pure light energy into the mixture. This was introducing more Higgs bosons. When the design concept reached evolutionary completion for this universe this consciousness stopped fighting the change.

A lot of pressure was released when this happened. What happened was from the result of the accumulation of matter and antimatter when the pressure was released this caused the two to converge. Also it was discovered recently that when two bottom quarks fuse together cause a flash and another larger subatomic particle known as a nucleon cause an explosion to occur more powerful than individual nuclear explosion reactions. This is how the Big Bang happened. There was a moment when this universe was introduced into existence and the element of life was contained in this moment. This came from the origin of the design process being introduced by Infinite Consciousness. This is how life was introduced into this universe was by the introduction of the Higgs boson. There was another aspect of this moment when the universe changed from its original state of consciousness and what was happening within the formation and everything came together. Right before the universe came into formation its evolutionary state changed. Because this happened; this consciousness became unaware of itself for a moment. This is how death was introduced into this universe. There was still consciousness and energy contained within this moment but it was a change in the evolutionary state.

Everything transferred out everywhere and the universe was formed. What actually happened was infinity broke apart everywhere with the explosion and the Higgs field was introduced to hold infinity together through a direct connection with Infinite Consciousness. This is why the Higgs field is the primary energy field associated with evolutionary development. Consciousness also transferred out everywhere in the universe. Consciousness is the will contained within energy which is responsible for introducing evolutionary development into the universe. Infinite Consciousness and energy introduced light energy into the structure of this universe. Because consciousness is the will contained within energy for evolutionary development; consciousness can travel faster than the speed of light. The Higgs field contains the most powerful concentration of the source of where this universe originated from which is this universe’s creator Infinite Consciousness. Human beings on Earth contain DNA and this contains consciousness and energy from the parent and the offspring itself in one molecular structure. This is what the Higgs field is for this universe.

The Higgs field is evolving here on planet Earth and this is why CERN discovered the Higgs boson with the LHC. The reason the Higgs boson experienced decay so quickly is the consciousness and energy of death is contained within Earth’s consciousness. There are almost 9 million different living organisms on planet Earth. Death is happening with all of these living organisms here globally within fractions of a second. This consciousness and energy like I discussed previously with the introduction of the universe with the big bang exists within Earth’s environment. The Higgs boson is a subatomic particle so this energy affected the particle immediately and it experienced decay. Think about the size of a human being compared to the Higgs boson. This is why it takes years for a human being to experience decay in this environment. Human beings and other life form don’t have very much interaction with the Higgs field. Living organisms; say human beings for example transfer through existence into the Whirlpool galaxy when death is experienced. The resistance to the evolutionary change that human beings contain is pressure within their bodies due to the concentration of light and dark energy, evolutionary development and resistance; just like the formation that this universe went through before the introduction. When a human being experiences death the pressure in the body transfers out and the Higgs field transfers into the individual. This happens almost instantly. The pressure that is transferred out of the body is where the percentage in grams is lost at the time of death.

The pressure is that powerful due to an extremely powerful mixture of light and dark energy, evolutionary development and resistance to evolution. The resistance to evolutionary development is primarily contained within the subconscious energy which is located all over the body. All of this pressure repels the Higgs field away from the body; that’s why everything feels so empty and separated on Earth, when it’s actually not it only appears to be this way. The individual transfers faster than the speed of light through the universe and into the Whirlpool galaxy. The reason this can happen is because the Higgs field contains the consciousness that introduced this universe into existence which also contains the energy of infinity. The individual becomes a part of the Higgs field and redevelops through their journey. The reason they enter into a much more advanced state of existence is because they are re-evolved through the Higgs field and the Higgs field which is the most powerful aspect of Universal Consciousness knows ideally what a human being should be like; so all imperfections are eliminated. The tunnel that people have described with NDE’s is a wormhole that is created from a form of time travel that Einstein proposed would happen with something transferring faster than the speed of light. The individual gets to this destination vey quickly. The reason Earth contains activity like this is because Earth is in the Milky Way galaxy which is almost as old as the universe. Space and time from Universal Consciousness transferred into planet Earth when Earth was introduced in this location. Earth contains the activity of the introduction of the universe and this is also why consciousness can travel faster than the speed of light.

    Helping Earth Become A Better Place

    We are all exposed to different types of altruism that are expressed through the generosity of the human race. There are drives for hunger where donations are made for poverty stricken locations. There are charitable causes to raise money for different types of illnesses. There is a show of support given through television media concerning animals that need proper care. There are a lot of different reasons that people band together to show their support for others and the environment.

    All of this activity might just seem like an ordinary occurrence that you hear about from time to time, but on a global level where Earth’s consciousness and energy are concerned this activity is very powerful. When I say global level I mean everything happening at once contained within planet Earth’s structure. When I say global level I also mean the exchange of energy that is taking place. Individual displays of transference from one person to another, group displays from several people and much larger embodiment of energy being transferred by hundreds of thousands depending on what type of focus is happening within Earth’s altruistic nature.

    All of this activity that has been increasing has been generating more energy within the structure of the Higgs field here on planet Earth. The Higgs field is universal consciousness that is incorporated into Earth’s environment for the purpose of sustaining life and helping Earth and all of it’s inhabitants evolve. When I say evolve I mean the advancement of consciousness and energy here. The shift in consciousness is getting more powerful through various activities associated with Earth, it’s population and the transfer of energy from the universe. The Holy Trinity’s consciousness is also incorporated into Earths structure for the purpose of assisting with the planet’s evolution and the transfer of consciousness into the Whirlpool galaxy when life here experiences the phenomenon of death. The Holy Trinity’s consciousness is evolving here as well.

    A lot of people are engaged in spiritual conditioning here which generates altruism. A lot of people volunteer their time for charitable causes. Organizations operate consistently to help those in need and lots of people work for these organizations because of the level of fulfillment they experience. This service towards humanity is based upon compassion, love, generosity, sympathy and the desire to be a part of goodwill. What is happening with the transference of energy is all of this activity is generating hope, love, faith, enlightenment and divinity into Earth’s consciousness.

    Planet Earth has a consciousness because it is a living organism and supports life, consciousness and energy. The human race and the population of animals is quite large here. Most people know how to experience love and some animals that nurture their young experience a level of love which is familiar to them. Earth can experience love, has a memory and is very aware of life being introduced into its environment, knows life is consistently transferring into the Whirlpool galaxy where God’s home is located and is quite aware of global activity.

    People probably ask themselves sometimes how can I make Earth a better place? What can I do to implement a change here? How can I contribute? It seems kind of overwhelming when one individual out of 7 billion people want to make a difference. For me the most powerful difference is love, which is going to help change Earth forever. Love is not just an emotion that is retained and expressed through relationships. Love is an eternal energy that is the most powerful form of energy in the entire universe.

    Love gives eternity a reason to exist. I show Earth my love by recognizing Earth’s life, I talk to planet Earth and I consider Earth my best friend among many. I treat Earth like I would a best friend. I share my hopes and aspirations with Earth also. This helps Earth’s consciousness evolve in a very powerful way and is the most instrumental in nature to assist with the shift in consciousness. If everyone in the world knew this about planet Earth and started practicing recognition, love and kindness for Earth’s consciousness the Higgs field would be affected in the most powerful way and would probably advance the shift in consciousness very quickly. The human race will eventually know the level of importance that Earth holds because of evolution, and what a lot of people have been dreaming about; which is peace on Earth shall be attained through universal love and divinity.

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