We’ve posted and talked about this subject many times in the past.

People are becoming smaller… OR shall we say, only the smaller people are ‘allowed’ to exist.  

The New Narrative shall we say.

Well yet, look at this giant of a man!  We have pictures of some much taller.

So if this is real (in which it is), that confirms one part of the multi-part story of the ancient world and who some of us are today.

There’s an ancient song being played around us all day ever day.  24/7 in fact.  

Many of you are the various instruments needed to complete it.

Are you listening? Literally can you hear it?  Are you in ‘tune’ or out of ‘tune’?

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Mills Darden (1799-1857) an American man who stood at a height of 7′ 6″ (228.6 cm) and weighed in excess of 1000 lbs (450+ kg)


His wife Mary, who died in 1837 aged about 40,[2] was 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m) tall and weighed 98 lb (44 kg)




Robert Pershing Wadlow (February 22, 1918 – July 15, 1940), also known as the Alton Giant and the Giant of Illinois, was an American man who was tor whom there is irrefutable evidence.

Yes Robert Pershing Wadlow WAS ALMOST 9FT TALL!



Tony Vortex
S.T.E.M. Researcher & Teacher | Healer - Tony is the Spiritual Son to the beloved Dr. Delbert Blair. At age 11 he began to study plant life and their healing mechanisms as it bothered him deeply to see so many older family members needlessly sick. Throughout the years he has been sharing what he knows so that others may live a life full of abundance while exploring its mysteries.

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