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Many of you have heard for years either on the podcast or via the online/in person classes of how the Chicago region is under a vortex.  I have went into details about this vortex periodically awaiting the day for the next revelation.

Well Antonio who is a long time Meta-Center patron, came across some fascinating videos which are below which show the vortex over Lake Michigan as well as other videos talking about the Lake Michigan Stone Henge.


But here’s the next sacred tidbit… this stonehenge on the lake bed lies on top of a gigantic mound/pyramid which is still producing tons of energy even today.


This energy is neither good nor bad.  It’s just energy but currently with the energy harvesting systems of heaven in this region combined with the lower emotional vibrations of some of the populace it can seem that it is negative. But it is not.


You heard it here first as usual,


More to come in time…



Whirling vortex over Lake Michigan


The legend of the ‘Lake Michigan Triangle’

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What Is The Meaning Of This Underwater Stonehenge?



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