Dr. Delbert Blair

Digital Media Collection

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1.    Your Ancient Future
2.    The Moors
3.    Pyramid Power
4.    The Coming Catastrophic Events, Manmade or Creator Made?
5.    War of the Worlds
6.    Man, Woman and Child
7.    Melanin Wars
8.    1st Annual UFO Conference for Melanated People
9.    Affirmations for Living
10.  Bloodline of the Gods
11.  The Inner Earth
12.  Are Black People The Extraterrestrials
13.  Zombie State of Mind
14.  The Science of the Pineal Gland & Third Eye
15.  Science of the Female
16.  The War on Consciousness
17.  History of the Cosmos

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The Black History Series – Audio’s Only

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1.      African Kingdoms 1700AD
2.      Ancient History 10,000BCE thru 1000BCE
3.      Blacks in the Modern Era
4.      Forgotten Algonquin – Ancient South American Blacks
5.      History of the World – Nubian & Egyptian Empires
6.      The Truth about Black History
7.      Undocumented History

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The Audio Archive

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  1. Close Encounters of the 4th Kind
  2. Creation
  3. Reincarnation
  4. Science of Breath
  5. Secrets of the Light bringer – Revealing the World Within You
  6. Weather Wars
  7. Techniques of Meditation

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 The Entire “The World Within” Series by Dr. Delbert Blair

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The Entire T.E.A.s (Terrestrials, Extra-Terrestrials, Aliens)  Series by Dr. Delbert Blair

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The Declassified Stargate File Collection

Over 24,000, YES 24k of declassified stargate documents.

Learn the in and outs of what really happened within the highest levels of government.

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