EMF Protection Fabric – See Through – (Use on Windows, Embedded Clothing, Sheets and more!) – Sold by the foot

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$17.00 $15.00

  • Sold by the foot
  • Measure how much footage you need for your windows/doors/bed etc.
  • Need a large amount?  Contact us first!
  • Do you need to block EMF from your walls or floor?  You will need the fabric located HERE
  • Buying 1, is a 12in long x 40in wide piece.  Buying 2, is a 24in long x 40in wide piece and so forth.
  • The average window uses (2) to (3) feet.
  • Need 30ft or more?  Call first, automatic 20% discount!!!

What are the most important places for EMF protection especially for those who are on a limited budget?

  1. Windows.  Cover your windows with 1-2 Layers of EMF Fabric.  Sunlight will still shine through.
  2. If you are on the 2nd floor of a house/apt or above then underneath your bed as well.  Ground floor bedrooms do not need it.

Experience a level of sleep that many in cities haven’t experienced in a looooooooooooong time.

Many other uses.

Bulk purchasing discounts available.

Please note: This is custom cut to order. Once order is placed and fabric is cut there are no refunds/returns. If you are unsure of the size needed please contact us first. * 

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