We have over 200 products on the website for the health and well being of the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Health based Communities world wide.  We will focus on the specific reasons many consume Tea’s below.


Manlong – May Promote Stronger Erections, Increased Arousal and Enhanced Libido – 9oz Enhance arousal/libido/erection/ in men and women
My Beautiful Curves Herbal Blend – 9oz Enhance the feminine curves, increase milk supply of Women, also used as a natural multi herbal vitamin since it is packed with nutrients
Be Well – A Seasonal Vibration Enhancing Formula – 9oz One of the most powerful health and well-being product on the market today.  Many use this as the natural nuclear option to get rid of any approaching or lingering seasonal illness
Dreamscape Herbal Blend – 6oz Created to be used in the evening hours or at bed time to allow entry into the Dream plane, deeply so one may explore
Clairvoyance Herbal Blend – 6oz Many use during the day to allow easier entry to higher meditative states
See Sun Rays – An Ocular Enhancement Formula – 9oz Many have purchased to assist with clarity in this visual world
Grey Matter – 9oz Held as not only a way to enhance memory and brain function, but many have stated that they notice dormant/hidden brain functions being turned on
Foundation Kidney & Liver Formula – 9oz Prized herbs that are known to enhance Kidney & Liver Function
Decompress – 9oz Need to relax?  Many acquire this to relax.
HGB – Hemoglobin Formula – 9oz Purchased by many to enhance their iron supply based on lab results of low iron levels

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