1. Dr. Blair had ordered in many pieces to his technology which made the wait time to get one quite long (1-3 MONTHS) but many were patient to wait.  Due to your patronage we brought the EMF Technology in-house so instead of waiting 1-3 months during normal times to receive a cell phone protector etc., now you receive it in a few days.  During pandemic times, processing time has extended to 3-8 days approximately, BUT still much quicker,
  2. Not only was Dr. Delbert Blair a friend, teacher, and father-like figure to Tony, BUT Tony was Dr. Blair’s herbalist and more.  As such we source herbs DIRECT from the source for the community so all may enjoy the specialty items Tony uses privately and those Dr. Blair trusted Tony to recommend.  But because we source direct and purity is of importance sometimes for many months some of the herbal offerings are unavailable until the next growing season,
  3. We have increased the types of EMF technology available,
  4. We have increased the types of Magnetic Technology available,
  5. We have increased the types of Monatomics Available,
  6. We have increased the types of valuable supplementation for the community,
  7. Tony has released herbal technologies to help the community world wide, in the form of Tea’s the most popular during the Covid-19 is Be Well,
  8. We have been hosting events across the country, helping to prepare those who have been doing the internal work, for the next step that is and has been occurring and what specifically Dr. Blair trusted wholeheartedly that Tony would share his gifts with those who are able to hear and overstand, innerstand and understand.  
  9. We (this includes you) continue the energy forward by doing the internal and external work needed to bring about a more healthy, happy, and internally fulfilled future in the minds and hearts of the young and old alike,
  10. There’s much much more, but we know you get the point… 


Keep bringing higher vibrations into your space and time =)


~The Meta-Center

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