Please see below for our order process:

  1. Order placed by you =)
  2. Order is put in queue to begin processing (Normal processing 1-2 days)  **** Processing during Pandemic is approximately at 3-4 days. AS OF 06/17/2020****
    1. As order is in queue, if order has any custom made items they are now being created.
    2. Processing queue is first come, first served 
      1. We do allow those with severe health issues to receive their supplementation faster than queue number, but verifiable severe health issues need to be on file with us with documentation and at the discretion of the Meta-Center.  As an example, health products only can be purchased not digital downloads etc.
  3. Once your queue number is reached, it is packed with your goodies, supplemental flyers & gifts (if applicable) and box is double sealed for your protection.
    1. At this time tracking numbers are emailed out and corresponding text messages are sent out as well to notify you of order
  4. We schedule pickup with the United States Post Office and/or FEDEX so parcel can begin its travel to you.


*** Please note that nothing will rush this process.  We make sure that every package is packed and secure for safe delivery.  We understand that if possible people would like their order to magically appear the moment they place an order, but in the 3rd density, patience is required. ***


How are you contacted/notified about your order?:


  1. You will will receive a receipt of payment to your email once successful payment has been made
  2. You will receive a ‘text’ message saying that order is now processing
  3. Once order is processed and ready to ship you will receive: 
    1. Another text message stating that order has been completed and is ready to be shipped.
    2. You will also receive a email with tracking number so you can track your order throughout its process.