Of course we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Way to many people depend on us to be here in their time of need.  SO WE ARE.  We have all been working over time to make sure that all orders are processed. 

Of course you could imagine the influx of orders we are receiving due to us being that beacon of light for the spiritual/metaphysical community world wide.  So know that every single order will be processed and shipped. 


There are delays which could be expected during this time, so we ask that you’re patient with us as we process your orders and ship them in such a way to make sure each and every order is received intact on your end.


All orders as usual, will have tracking numbers emailed etc.


We have always been your go to supplier, as such we are here for you the same.


Best regards, 


~The Meta-Center

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