I would like to personally thank the Meta-Center and specifically Tony for the help he has provided within my life.


I called for a consultation about 2 years ago which Tony was kind enough to have with me for free. I told him that I was 412 pounds.  Yes that is 412 pounds and I felt terrible and didn’t have much of a drive for life any more.


He told me all will be okay and recommended to me specific products to take and that “the road may be difficult but understand if you truly want it and are willing to change, there’s nothing to worry about.”  He was spot on with his words and it touched a part of me that needed it.


Well a bit over 2 years later I now weigh 280 and feel absolutely fantastic!  I still have a ways to go but as Tony said “all will be okay” and it is.


I’m forever grateful and even though he doesn’t say much publicly about the good deeds he puts forth, I just wanted to say publicly we are most definitely here and are appreciative.