I purchased the cards in person during a consultation.

The things I like about the deck overall is it’s straight to the point. I assume if you want someone to have knowledge of something you can’t assume they already know anything. You should explain in the simplest form possible.

If your new to tarot or have been using tarot as a guide for a while I see much appreciation for the simplicity of the deck. With an image on a card you can create numerous amounts of stories an outcomes with only words you can’t really talk around the obvious. No Roman numeral numbers to mistake. No extra wording to describe wand or staff…pentacle or coin. No assumption of negative or positive because of direction the card is placed it’s already there. The simplicity of the card is endless. They aren’t too thick to shuffle. Although they have a high gloss they aren’t sticky. And they have a yes and no. It’s a lil more modern but who don’t want a direct answer lol. I also feel because their so simple I’ll be fussing at them a little less than my other decks cause sometimes we bump heads. Lol. I don’t always like what’s said. I used them this morning after I cleanse them with sage. Really a good job and wonderful tool.

I’m looking forward to using it daily.