I have been on such the journey—that especially around the time of Dr. Blairs transition. I cant call it untimely as we all have our mission on Gaia and we do, share, and spread as much of the message as we can …while we can. He was a powerful broadcast as so was Dr. Sebi. They along with many others reached out to me in my highest meditative vibratory broadcast—the message was well received. I just happen to be scroll’n through fb and saw his photo—and it brought back the memories of the matrix like download that took place for me — a few years back. Cheers and hats off to Dr. Blair—-his message is the truth. He was absolute and right on the money with everything. You can choose to listen or remain distracted—this is your choice—-but have no doubt that this world you live in is the Matrix. And the movie wasn’t a movie at all—it was ….a documentary. – Mr. Anderson aka PatMan-