This form is for a one-on-one consultation with Mr. Amen only.  This service is available for individuals as well as groups.

Many who contact us concerning one-one-one with Mr. Amen already had some idea of the cost involved for this level of detail helping one with each step that they make in life.  This is for those people, who want direct know how applied to their life for advancement in various spaces.


We do offer many FREE or low cost resources for those who do not need this level of attention.


They include but not limited to:

  • Submitting a Question or Comment HERE
  • Securing your spot on the next Manifestation Wednesday’s podcast HERE
  • Joining our Patreon HERE
  • Looking at some of the books available HERE
  • Hundreds of Audio/Videos on our Youtube channel HERE
  • Coming out to class/event HERE
  • Seeing all the previous events that many have gathered from across the realm HERE


If you’re in need of a review concerning a wellness imbalance click HERE


There are a limited number of one-on-one consultations at any given time.


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