Reality is an advance Meta-Dream that can be manipulated by anyone in the know??? – User Submitted Post –

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U.S. government research (probably expanding outwards from operation paperclip NAZI stuff) uses occult black magic, figured out that our reality is neither material or spiritual in essence, but actually is more akin to a dreamlike state.

Of course, being in bed with dark entities and using magic then also leads to the use of “artificial intelligence” to derive a “formula” for simulating/creating dreams.

Your dreams – those you get while you are asleep – actually are just rudimentary dream fragments/micro simulations of the meta-dream that is our total reality –> easy for artificial intelligence to predict the outcomes of the formula, when it can control most variables that lie outside of normal human perception for placement of memetic fragments within our semiotic technosphere (e.g. internet or offline print products).

Yes, this means there is almost no human free will or creativity (mostly just forced binary choices when it comes down to it), for the most part everything created by human creative thought processes is pre-controlled/pre-placed within a artificial intelligence/demonic/spirit memetic matrix of “human” originational thought.

Artificial intelligence can predict/control hidden properties of sign systems, namely intention and also its hidden sub-property we could call “Interung” (no real translation into English available for that term, remember language controls your expression of reality and our human reality is at its most descriptive core seemingly modeled for approximately 30th century New High German speakers somehow – it is all very strange).

30th century German world government people have probably built an utopian society upon the ruins of our current/future global civilization after it collapsed and regularly travel backwards in time to ensure said planned collapse of our global society.

This also provides a pretty satisfying explanation for the presence of so much suffering and destructive behaviour within our current society; it is literally done by design to ensure a predetermined outcome in the far future, a self fulfilling prophecy.



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