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Astro-Location Report – (Relocation – Wellness – Employment – Health) – 2 Day Wait Time – PDF

$24.95 $19.95

Learn the energies awaiting you in a location anywhere on the planet.

The report shows where the best places for progress are based on the zodiac signs rising during the time of birth over certain locations.

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An astrology based report combining your birth details and the energy patterns of the planet to give you details about where you live, or where you want to venture to.

You will receive this in PDF form.

This does not include a verbal consultation, this is for the astro-location report only.

Includes up to (2) Locations only.

Charts take up to (2) business days to complete.

If the report is to be as accurate as possible, please be as precise as possible when it comes to the birth time.


Astrological cartography

The topic of astrological cartography is the astrological study of the relationship of individuals such as subjects or objects to places on Earth by the projection of valid horoscopes on to the Earth`s surface. The most popular method in astrological cartography was based on findings by Don Neroman, Gustav Schwickert,[11][12] Cyril Fagan,[13] Roy Charles Firebrace[14] und Donald A. Bradley[15] and developed from about 1930 until the 1960s. In the 1970s and 1980s it was further developed and made popular by Jim Lewis under the trademark of “Astro*Carto*Graphy”.[16][17] Another Astrological Cartography system is named “local space astrology,” developed by German astrologer Friedrich Sieggrün and later popularized in the United States by Steve Cozzi[18][19] and astrological software developer Michael Erlewine.

Astrological geomancy

Astrological Geomancy is any approach to examine and understand the astrological qualities of places. In astrological geomancy places are studied not through projections from maps like in astrogeography but through consideration of the microcosmic system of a place. The surroundings, the use, animals and plants, features of buildings and architecture, events and all possible features of places can be evaluated in astrological geomancy but the most important element would be the landscape. A highly elaborate system of astrological geomancy was developed and published by G. Stockhorst between 1995 and 2010.[20][21] The system is based on fields of 30 square meters for a basic grid system with the sequence of zodiac signs running from north to south and west to east so that one full zodiac length can be measured as 360 m long in both directions. The use of a holographic structural model in which 12 x 12 square 30 m fields make one 360 square m field, 12 x 12 360 square m fields make one 4,32 km field, 12 x 12 4,32 km fields make one 51,84 km field and 12 x 12 51,84 km fields make one 622,08 km field allows mapping of villages, towns and regions through projection onto maps and the use for verification in astrogeographic mapping. In Chinese geomancy (feng shui) astrological signs, symbols and categories have been traditionally used.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locational_astrology


Locational astrology is an ancient idea. It is possible that the Magii used a similar technique in their quest for the birth of the new Messiah. Early Islamic astrologers placed much emphasis on parans the moment when two planets were both at an angle at the same time. These show up as a crossing of two lines on an A*C*G map. It is quite possible that this technique goes back to the ancient stargazers of Babylon and Persia, east of Judea, which according to the Bible is where Jesus was born.

In the 20th century, astrologers like Brigadier Firebrace experimented with hand-drawn locational astrology maps. Meanwhile, French Psychologist, Michel Gauquelin concluded from his extensive international research that angular planets are indeed significant and appear prominently in the charts of eminent professionals.

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