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Some of the foods on this list can be found on the website that you probably already purchased.

  1. Dandelion Green Seeds
  2. Dandelion Roots
  3. Amaranth (Callaloo) Greens Seeds
  4. Mushrooms
    1. Reishi Mushroom
    2. Lions Mane Mushroom
  5. Bladderwrack
  6. Soursop
  7. Ceylon Cinnamon

Please note that there are MANY more so called alkaline foods.  Listen to your body and make healthy choices for self.  As Tony states, "you're responsible for YOU."


Short Answer:

Yes, we did indeed.


Long Answer:

On July 31st, 2021 in Illinois we sent into the upper Stratosphere a atmospheric balloon which had a multitude of data gathering equipment on it which included audio and video capturing capabilities.

On September 25th, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia we sent up another atmospheric balloon into another part of the atmosphere to capture data.

Some of this footage we released to the public.

More in-depth analysis of footage will be shown at a future event.


You can watch the video for yourself here w/o commentary: 




If you would like to see more projects such as this, please consider supporting by clicking the link below: 

Yes!  We ship to most countries.

For thousands of years the use of smoke, vapor, herbs and incense have been used by various cultures to connect humans with the spirit world.

Dried white sage in particular has been used by Shamans for several millennia in ritual to cleanse any evil, anger, illness and conflict. The white sage smoke attaches to negative energy and as it dissipates the field of a person is cleansed. Some ideal times for smudging rituals are:

  1. When moving into a new residence
  2. When beginning a new job or starting a new business
  3. Before and after a guest enters your home
  4. Before meditation, yoga or healing session
  5. Upon returning home from crowded and noisy situations
  6. After an argument or illness


  • Burn one end until it starts to flame.
  • Blow it out, and allow the smoke to envelope the area

While some crystals are hard as rock (black tourmaline) others are very fragile (amethyst, rose quartz, etc.) and require care instructions.

For the longevity of your crystal pendant purchase please follow the instructions below:

  1. Do not shower with pendant
  2. Do not bang/drop against anything
  3. Do not sleep with pendant
  4. Do not clean with abrasive cleaners.  Just wipe with soap & water.

Most crystals and gemstones, rough or cut, on their own or in jewelry, will pick up negative or unwanted energies over time.

Crystals and stones that are used for crystal healing or energy work should be cleared and cleansed of negative energy prior to any the work. You will also find that clearing stones makes them more cheerful and positive to have around.

Here are a number of methods that are commonly used to clear crystals and stones to restore their bright, happy, vibrant energy. Use whichever suits you and your crystals best.

Whichever method you choose, focus on using it with intention of clearing negative and unwanted energies from the crystal.

Sunlight or Moonlight: The rays of the sun and moon are energetically very clearing and energetically cleansing, as well as energizing. Placing your stones outside preferably or in a window where they can soak up the sunlight or moonlight for a day/night to a week is very beneficial. Do be careful though, as some the colors of some stones may fade in the sun. A few of the stones that will fade in the sun are amethyst, celestite, opal, and turquoise. If you have any doubts at all, be sure to use only moonlight cleansing.

Earth or Sand Burial: As creepy as it may sound to those of us who grew up watching horror movies, burying crystals and stones is very cleansing and healing for them. You can bury them in the Earth for 3 days to a week, either in your yard or in a flower pot. Be sure that if you bury your crystals in the yard that you mark the spot. You don’t want to have to dig up half the yard to find your stones again

Salt Water: While this is a popular way to clear crystals, I recommend using salt water very carefully, if at all. You need to know about your crystals to be sure that they are not porous or soft, so they won’t be damaged by water. Salt water can get into the structure of some crystals and stones and cause them to break. That breakage sometimes doesn’t happen immediately, but the weakened structure may break later. Some stones that don’t do well in salt water are calcite, carnelian, halite, hematite, labradorite/spectrolite, lepidolite, lodestone (magnetite), mica, moldavite, opal, turquoise, ulexite, clusters of most stones, and there are surely more. When you do use salt water, do so cautiously and don’t leave your crystals in it longer than absolutely necessary.

Crystal Sea Salt: Crystals can be placed in dry, coarse sea salt for up to 24 hours to clear them. They can also be stored in sea salt to keep them from picking up energies from their surroundings. In humid areas, using sea salt can sometimes cause the same problems as salt water. It can also get stuck in the crevices of clusters and eventually combine with water in the air and split the cluster.

Smudging: Smudging is one of my favorite methods of clearing crystals and stones of unwanted energy. It’s also a much quicker way to clear crystals than any of the above methods. To smudge them, pass you stone several times through the smoke of burning SAGE or INCENSE. You can also use a mist spray of essential oil of white sage if you are sensitive to burning smudge materials. Just keep in mind that much water is bad for some crystals, though a fine mist is much less water than most water methods.

Fresh Water: COOL rainwater, filtered or in great need even tap water: For a quick clearing, you can run your stones under cool water. Hot, very cold, or warm water can fracture some crystals and stones. You can also use any water filtered with Shungite to clear other crystals, as an energetically positive way to filter water. Again, as with salt water, be sure that your crystals are not prone to water damage, before putting them in water.

Ask the Divine or Pray: This a simple  ritual, but it can work wonderfully. Simply ask the Divine (God/Goddess/Universe/etc.) to clear and energetically cleanse your crystal for you. Form your request with specific intent and ask in a meditative or prayerful frame of mind. Something like “O Great Divine, please clear all unwanted or negative energies from this crystal for the best and highest good of all concerned. Thank you. Amen.” would be a good specific request. The details should be changed to fit your own beliefs and needs.

Third Eye Breathing: In a quiet, private place, ground yourself and start breathing slowly. Visualize yourself breathing white light in through your Third Eye chakra and back out. Hold the crystal in your hand at Third Eye level and breathe white light from your Third Eye to the crystal with the intention of clearing unwanted and negative energies. Repeat at least 3 times, more if the crystal does not feel cleared after the third time.

Sound: Use a melodic gong, Tibetan prayer bells, a bell, chanting OM to clear unwanted energies from your crystal.Hold the crystal and sound the gong, etc next to it, passing the crystal through the sound waves to clear it.

Candle Flame: While focusing your intention and verbally praying or asking for the clearing of your crystal, pass it quickly through the flame of a white candle. Be sure to move it quickly enough to prevent overheating or damage to the crystal. Repeat until the energy of the crystal feels clear.

We have over 200 products on the website for the health and well being of the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Health based Communities world wide.  We will focus on the specific reasons many consume Tea's below.


Manlong – May Promote Stronger Erections, Increased Arousal and Enhanced Libido – 9oz Enhance arousal/libido/erection/ in men and women
My Beautiful Curves Herbal Blend – 9oz Enhance the feminine curves, increase milk supply of Women, also used as a natural multi herbal vitamin since it is packed with nutrients
Be Well – A Seasonal Vibration Enhancing Formula – 9oz One of the most powerful health and well-being product on the market today.  Many use this as the natural nuclear option to get rid of any approaching or lingering seasonal illness
Dreamscape Herbal Blend – 6oz Created to be used in the evening hours or at bed time to allow entry into the Dream plane, deeply so one may explore
Clairvoyance Herbal Blend – 6oz Many use during the day to allow easier entry to higher meditative states
See Sun Rays – An Ocular Enhancement Formula – 9oz Many have purchased to assist with clarity in this visual world
Grey Matter – 9oz Held as not only a way to enhance memory and brain function, but many have stated that they notice dormant/hidden brain functions being turned on
Foundation Kidney & Liver Formula – 9oz Prized herbs that are known to enhance Kidney & Liver Function
Decompress – 9oz Need to relax?  Many acquire this to relax.
HGB – Hemoglobin Formula – 9oz Purchased by many to enhance their iron supply based on lab results of low iron levels

How to prepare the tea:

  • You will need a tea strainer which you can find on Amazon, Walmart and even at your grocery store.
  • Place 1 teaspoon to 1 table spoon of herbs in a glass cup (A tablespoon if you prefer a stronger tea)
  • Add 8oz. of boiling water over the herbs
  • Steep for ten minutes and strain.
  • Drink


Should be drunk while warm

Teas can be mixed together but you will limit the amount of times you drink it per day:

  • Preparing 1 tea, drink TWO to THREE times a daily
  • Combining 2 or more times drink ONE to TWO times daily.


Store your jars of tea in a dry dark place.

Prepared Tea is best to drink fresh, do not store long term.


No, Orgonite and Dio's are most definitely NOT the same.


We sell both but there is most definitely a difference. 


We are the source for Dio's across the world.


The long story made short is: 


  1. Orgone is an assortment of metals and crystals with resin combined in stasis, believed to change the energy in an environment.
  2. Dio's are our proprietary infused organic based technology, embedded into many of our products. 
  3. Dr. Delbert Blair stated on many occasions that "Dio's are technology gifted from the future," which came from his Extra Terrestrial encounter.
  4. Dio's also Transmutate negative energy and organic matter.

As Dr. Delbert Blair has said many times is that "Dio's are a gift from the future."

Dio's are different than Orgone in that Dio's transmutate energy while Orgone brings in energy.


We are working on a new structure and until the newest release the Pyramids are a fantastic option.


For a standard single family home, with a basement and 3-4 bedrooms you should have a Pyramid in each bedroom and one in the common living space (living room).


This will bring about the same energy concentration as the one Pyramid from years ago (that cost much more than 4 of the smaller pyramids).

The Crystal Pendents offered on the website can be worn by just about anyone.


But in our experience children should NOT be given crystal pendents to wear.




Many of the crystals on the website are extremely fragile and because children are playful, they tend to pull at, drop, bump it into objects which either crack, shatter, or some how just destroy your purchased technology. 

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Yes, most definitely!


Please note that even if 1-on-1 or a small group the Super-Human Experience is still 4-6 hours long.  Yep, it's that long. 


This time can be lessened or lengthened based on what the person or group would like Tony to speak on more in length or less.


If you would like to go over details, rather it be coming to you or you coming to Chicago this all can be worked out.  Non-refundable deposits are required to hold your date and time.


Give us a call at (888) 969-6465 or send us an email HERE if interested. 



Yes we do!


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Some have asked "Can you ship for the same price as Amazon or even LOWER!!!?????"


No small business can compete with Amazon... this is the reality.  On top of that even Amazon can't ship at those low prices!  



Amazon is literally pouring billions to offer the shipping cost that they do so you won't shop with a small business.

As an example, we only purchase office supplies off of Amazon since the same conglomerates own the local office supply stores.  But when it comes to our personal needs, clothing, etc., we ALWAYS shop with online small businesses and local small businesses even if it means paying a couple bucks more.


You vote with your dollar.


Hope this helps.

  • Read many of the articles on the website which offer guidance.
  • Watch many of the videos on our youtube channel which also discuss this subject.
  • Attend one of the Super-Human Training sessions here in Chicago or attend one as we travel across the country, or host a private session near you.
  • Book a consultation
  • Purchase some of the books on the subject that will clear the way for self development
  • Enhance the body not only with exercise but with herbal supplementation,
  • Meditate.


Did we mention to Meditate?

During meditation allow your mind to empty.

If you want deeper control of your subconscious purchase the book 'The Mind Configurator'.

Yes,we are open 5 days a week.

We suggest calling first just to make sure we will be here or not occupied with a class or client at that time of your visit.

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